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Wolong gives birth to a flying swallow and startles the dragon

Oct 17th, 2022 at 07:40   Beauty & Well being   Garh Maharaja   425 views

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Location: Garh Maharaja
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However, the childish Miss Shen was not on guard at all. She walked calmly to the cottage. The middle-aged scribe took the two men to a wing on the left, raised his hand and pushed open the two closed rooms, laughing: "Please wait inside the door for a moment while I go to light the lamp." After the man quit, Zhu Ruolan took the opportunity to say to Xia Lin, "Sister Lin, this man doesn't look like a bad guy, but we can't be on our guard. We can't tell the truth about what happened to us.." Before she could speak, she heard the sound of footsteps outside the door. Then the middle-aged scribe's voice rang out, saying, "You two have been waiting for a long time." With a flash of fire and a flash of fire in his hand, he hurried to a pine table near the window and lit the pine oil candle on the table. The flaming light of the fire lit up the cottage of three different sizes. Zhu Ruolan looked at the furnishings in the room by candlelight. Apart from a pine table by the window, there were only bamboo chairs and a large wooden couch, on which the bedding was folded neatly. The room was large with few things and looked empty and incongruous, but it was spotlessly clean. Xia Lin ran to the couch, put the dream in her arms, took off her shoes for him, and pulled a quilt to cover it. The middle-aged scribe seemed to smell the delicate fragrance of Zhu Ruolan and walked slowly to her side. Zhu Ruolan stepped back alertly. The middle-aged scribe smiled and turned to walk straight to the couch. He looked carefully at Meng Huan, who was lying quietly on the bed. He shook his head and said, "Elder Martial Brother is seriously injured. I'm afraid it's hard to cure him." He turned to look at Xia Lin and cast his eyes on Zhu Ruolan again. Although Zhu Ruolan was extremely clever, she was seriously injured by Yang Menghuan. Disturbed an inch of her heart, she has lost the calm of the past, unconsciously a faint sigh,smart interactive whiteboard, sad tears. The middle-aged scribe smiled faintly and said, "Your brother is seriously injured, but there is a medicine in the world that can save him, but.." He seemed to know that he had made a slip of the tongue, and his voice suddenly stopped. Hearing this, Shen Xialin stared at her eyes and shouted, "Ah!"! What kind of medicine is that? The middle-aged scribe fixed his eyes on Xia Lin's face and hesitated to answer. Zhu Ruolan slowly approached the couch and stood side by side with Xia Lin. She smiled coldly and said, "Are you referring to the snow ginseng fruit of Dajue Temple in Qilian Mountain?" The middle-aged scribe hesitated for a long time. Suddenly he smiled and said, "Medicine doesn't cure the dead. The Buddha has crossed a predestined person. Your brother's time has come. How can man save the day?" When Zhu Ruolan saw a sudden change in his tone,Interactive digital signage, she knew it was a prevarication. She shrugged her hair and was about to have an attack. Suddenly, she changed her mind and smiled shallowly. She said, "That's not necessarily true. Although my brother is seriously injured, he is not without hope of treatment." The middle-aged scribe smiled, stopped answering, and turned to walk slowly away. Zhu Ruolan closed the door and carefully examined the layout of the room. He felt that the cottage was full of mystery and horror, neither like a place where a master lived in seclusion, nor like a place where ordinary greenwood people gathered. The middle-aged scribe looked and acted as if he were not a dirty person in Jianghu, but his expression changed uncertainly. Sometimes he laughed loudly and was full of heroism, and sometimes his words flickered and made people elusive. She thought for a long time, but still could not break the doubts in her chest. Then he said to Xia Lin in a low voice, "The scene in this cottage is really unfathomable. As far as the layout of this room is concerned, it seems that there are many people living there. But apart from the middle-aged scribe, no one else shows up. In normal times, I have to get to the bottom of it. But now, your brother Huan is seriously injured. If there is any dispute, smart whiteboard price ,digital signage kiosk, I'm afraid I can't take care of it." In order to avoid trouble, all the tea, rice, wine and other food in this cottage, it is best not to touch the lips, tomorrow to see how his injuries change, we will decide to stop.as high as a thousand feet, standing in the night sky, with dense branches and luxuriant leaves,information kiosk price, and a shady area. Zhu Ruolan looked around and jumped under the giant pine for the second time. As soon as she saw the middle-aged scribe, she knew that he was a master of both internal and external training, so she acted very carefully and jumped back under the giant pine without entering the cottage. hsdtouch.com