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Yingtong The president's fake girlfriend ...

Oct 17th, 2022 at 07:41   Animals & Pets   Garh Maharaja   45 views

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Green-robed Lao Zu was unhappy when he heard this. For one thing, Shang and Yang had a deeper friendship with Venerable Poisonous Dragon than he did. It was not easy for both of them to get along with each other. Just now, he remembered his previous resentment and first tried to make a blow with Venerable Poisonous Dragon. It was not a deliberate effort. For another, although Shang and Yang spoke arbitrarily, he was using him. What he said was not to his liking. He was happy to end it with this. He replied to Shang Heyang, "Red Thief, you're right. You know how to do favors.". I didn't blame my friend for my enemy's loss. He shouldn't have known afterwards that I had escaped and ignored him. I had been suffering from the cold wind, fire and poisonous needles of the villains for many days. Since both of you are willing to help me restore my bones, as long as he can make sense today, I will forgive him. The Venerable Poisonous Dragon saw that the green-robed ancestor was angry and started fighting. When he came to employ people, he was also the landlord. He just kept avoiding and did not fight back. As soon as he heard this, he laughed and said, "You are wrong about me, Daoyou.". Last year, to tell you the truth, Ciyun Temple asked Taoist friends to help the disciples because the magic weapon had not yet been refined, and the enemy had not yet reached the old nun. They had also told the truth about the enemy in advance. I never expected that Li Jingxu, who had always been nosy, would be embarrassed with his Taoist friends. When I heard that Daoyou yuan Shen had escaped, I would never ignore him. Even the young disciple Yu De had searched carefully for the place where Daoyou had missed, because the upper part of the Dharma body could not be found. Dai Jiachang came back to report after his defeat. For this matter, I hated the enemy as much as cutting the bone, so I ordered my subordinates to collect herbs and make alchemy. I also asked someone to go to Lao Zu who was trapped in the sky to ask for the Jade Ointment for Setting Bone and Promoting Muscle for Ten Thousand Years,touch screen digital signage, thinking that you must come to find me so that I can continue my original body with you. Who knows to wait for many days not to see you come, send a person to inquire about whereabout everywhere again. Wang Tong is a new disciple of our school. I recently learned from the Emei Sect that you were robbed by a man with a broken arm. I know that your disciple Xin Chenzi used to be chewed by you because of his mistakes. Later, you saw that he was loyal and diligent to you. He taught you all his skills and became the first powerful person under your door. Since you don't come, you want to be rescued by him to go back to the mountain, and you have tried to restore your body. I ordered the disciples to visit you in Baoshan, and I saw 35 disciples of two generations, but I didn't see you and Xin Chenzi. My disciples said the purpose of their visit, they said in unison,temperature check kiosk, not only you did not return to the mountain, although Xin Chenzi often went, did not mention that you are still alive. They had long suspected that Xin Chenzi was making trouble, and when they heard this, they asked him more and more about the root cause. When I got this letter, I knew that something had happened. Maybe Xin Chenzi cheated you and lost all your treasures, but he couldn't. Remembering your past enmity, he took a fancy to the bead made by your primordial spirit and wanted to harm you. Is preparing to pass the Dragon Boat Festival, personally to find Xin Chenzi questioning, do not want you to come here today. Why do you blame me for forgetting my feelings? The Green-robed Elder Martial Ancestor was about to reply when the Western Wild Devil came forward to greet the Venerable Poisonous Dragon. He turned to the Green-robed Elder Martial Ancestor and said, "I heard from my Taoist friend earlier that the governor had made a mistake. My Elder Martial Brother would never be so fickle.". Now the truth is clear, all is the sin of the Taoist friend villain Xin Chenzi. We don't have to ask, and after the Dragon Boat Festival, after everything is done, we can go to heaven and earth to find that fellow and correct his sin. Daoyou are used to eating blood. Since we haven't known the taste of meat for months, why don't we go into the valley together? First, facial recognization camera ,temperature screening kiosk, Elder Martial Brother will invite Daoyou to have a big meal, and then we will have a long talk. Shang Heyang also urged him to go inside and say something more. In order to apologize, the Venerable Poisonous Dragon held the green-robed ancestor in his arms to lead the way. Not long after the Venerable Poisonous Dragon moved to the Red Ghost Valley, the wild demons in the west were still new. When they entered the valley, they saw that the mountains and rocks in the valley were red. Inside more than twenty miles,Then use a knife to cut pieces off the body of the cattle and sheep, put them in a jade plate, and offer the blood of the cattle and sheep with wine. Pity those livestock, dying to suffer this kind of Ling Chi cut to pieces, a knife to suffer zero crime. Banned by magic, his mouth could not be closed, his feet could not move at all, and he could only be slaughtered by others. He glared at the top with pain, and his eyes were so red that he was about to get angry. These evil spirits of the Demon Sect,digital signage screen, together with the people who accompanied them, were all cruel, and some of them did not show compassion when they saw the cattle and sheep struggling for their lives. hsdtouch.com