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Xing Tang

Oct 26th, 2022 at 09:55   Beauty & Well being   Garhiyasin   164 views

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Location: Garhiyasin
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"Yes, when the sun comes out, Bai Yin begins to work. When the sun goes down, Bai Yin begins to rest.". This is the way of Tianyin. But how can all things in the world look at the principle of eternal balance? The sun was in the middle, and after a while, the sun set. The situation has changed again. Water has no constant shape, and the art of war has no common sense. Once it is rigid, it has fallen into inferiority. Just as in spring ploughing, summer farming, autumn harvesting and winter storage, farmers can see a good harvest only when they conform to the weather, the same is true of marching, and the army has to keep moving in order to catch the opportunity. Since ancient times, how many battles can be won only by defense? Lun Zan Po was thinking hard again, but she still couldn't figure it out. Lun Qinling ignored him and went on to say, "The emperor of the Tang Dynasty did not trust his son to command hundreds of thousands of troops, so today the army of the Tang Dynasty has two generals, which is another shortcoming." Is this, but the second brother, that Li Jingxuan is too Yin Yin party, and the prince is very close, after the prince came to Qinghai, he concentrated on logistics, never with the prince, it is difficult to use Yin. "Then I ask you, does Li Jingxuan have the power to mobilize the army?" "Yes." "Since there is, this is a shortcoming, and that Li Jingxuan does not insert the front, only Tang Dazi Qiu knows, more did not see let him really command the heavenly army to fight,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, force rate front point has become a big shortcoming." "Yes," Lun Zan Po answered, but her mind was still at a loss, just as the second brother said that killing Prince Tang was like trying to get something out of the bag. Li Jingxuan had the right, but he knew himself. How could he command the army? Unless Li Jingxuan fell down and broke his head, he would fight with Prince Tang for the power of the army. Then you see, the Tang Dynasty occupied the big bucket valley, not only GongWei river Jin area security, guarding the north Jiacheng two, also GongWei LiangGan and other States, even in a critical situation,artificial coconut palm trees, from Liangzhou, Ganzhou transfer army Yin team support. Guarding the main road of Chiling, directly threatening Yuchi Chuan, although the undertaker had made a mistake in Fengling, he could immediately set up two battalions in the rear to make up for this mistake and ensure the safety of Kuozhou. He went south and captured Hongji Bridge and Wansu City. Into can attack Dafeichuan, Chihai, Shudun city, Mantou city, look back at numerous castles defense, the Yellow River as a natural barrier. But isn't the battle line too long? "Yes", but in the heart still don't understand, this is not ten thousand people twenty thousand people in the battle, the Tang Dynasty sent out nearly two hundred thousand troops, their own Tubo also see one hundred and seventy thousand army Yin team, but also from Tuyuhun and Dangxiang again called nearly two hundred thousand army Yin team. Together, will be more than five hundred thousand people fight, how can the battle line not be long? "If the battle line is long, the notification will be slow and the response of the North and the South will be very slow." "Yes," said Lun Zanpo with a bitter face. "He lost half of Jiuqu and the three cities of Hongji Bridge. It was this loss that he suffered." This is the fighter ah ", said to the present, on Qinling all said half, outdoor ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, left half, this is to let the old three Yin to think, exercise his wisdom growth.". The interior of the Tubo was unstable, and many people opposed Yin to monopolize the power of the Gar family. The tribe that looked at him was stupid and wanted to move. As the new leader of the Tubo, he could not stay in Qinghai for a long time. After the First World War, he would also return to Luoqi City. In the future, Lun Qinling pointed to the main road in the east. Up the road came a small procession of camels, loaded with some goods, and a few horses, with four or five people sitting on them. Come, third brother, and see what good news my scouts have brought us. With these words, he took Lun Zan Po down the Chengfeng Ridge and greeted him. A man at the head of the merchant knelt down and said,large ficus tree, "My subordinates have seen great arguments." "Get up, get up." "Yes." "Is this trip going smoothly?" "Subordinate Zhang didn't look at the insult." As he spoke, he took out two pieces of paper from his bosom and handed them up. hacartificialtree.com