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The landscape is picturesque

Oct 26th, 2022 at 11:02   Beauty & Well being   Dajal   100 views

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Location: Dajal
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As soon as Hua Wuduo left, Song Zixing, who was drunk, rushed out of the latrine. At the moment, he had already woken up seven or eight minutes. He hurried to the road sign and took a closer look. He couldn't help saying to himself, "Did you really misread yourself just now?"? But it seems.. Song Zixing stretched out his hand and changed the road sign. Inside the hall, the cups and plates were full of wolves, and all the people were drunk seven or eight minutes, full of ugliness. Just after Hua Wuduo left, Li She and his son exchanged a few glasses of wine. "My sister has a weakness," said Childe Yi, slightly drunk. "Oh?"? What is it? Li Pardon way. Greedy for money. Childe Yidao. Li She frowned. "Don't you believe it?" He asked. Li She smiled, looked up and drank the wine in the cup, noncommittal. "I'll try it for you," said the young man with a burp. As soon as Li She raised his eyebrows, he saw that the childe had lost one or two pieces of silver to the back of the seat where there were not many flowers. She was an accident Looking at the silver on the ground, Li She said, "What do you mean?" Childe laughed a little maliciously and said, "I can see that you have a good impression on my sister. If you want to pursue her, this is the most direct and effective way.." He pointed to one or two pieces of silver on the ground and said, "My sister likes this best, and Brother Li is not short of this." When Li She heard this, he cast a sidelong glance at his son,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, noncommittal, but his eyes flashed a trace of contempt. Childe, however, did not seem to see Li She's displeasure and still smiled brightly. When Hua Wuduo returned to the hall, he was still thinking about what had just happened, but he didn't notice the silver in front of the seat. She went straight to her seat and assumed a preoccupied attitude. Childe Kui did not notice her expression. He looked at one or two pieces of silver lying on the ground, all his previous efforts having been wasted, and tried to make a final struggle. Suddenly he said, "Eh?"? Who dropped this. Before he had finished speaking,sonicator homogenizer, he heard Hua Wuduo trembling and saying, "Brother, I'm so scared." "What's the matter with you, sister?" The young man exclaimed. "Just now.." said Hua Wuduo. My sister went to the toilet and saw, saw. Hua Wuduo's voice was neither too big nor too small. At the moment, he looked like he was out of his mind and panicked. Even Childe Qi, who was next to Childe Qi, noticed something was wrong. Childe Qi asked, "What did you see?"? Don't be afraid. You can say it when your brothers are here. Hua Wuduo hung his head and said hesitantly and tremblingly, "I was going to go to the toilet, but as soon as I got there, I saw.." Saw General Song.. He Walking into the women's toilet, I heard Princess Jiang Yu shouting in fright, I. The hall had been noisy, but now suddenly all quiet down, only to hear the voice of Hua Wuduo trembling and slightly frightened, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, "I heard Princess Jiang Yu shouting inside: General Song, you, you.." Don't do this. All the people in the hall gasped when they heard this. Some people were surprised and didn't believe it. Some people were surprised and laughed to themselves. The flower is not much and did not lie, just added three words to go up, Unexpectedly, the young herdsmen and the cattle and sheep herded in the nearby mountains were all in a mess. In an instant,ultrasonic welding transducer, the ducks ran away and disappeared. The young herdsmen ran and shouted: "The wolf is coming.." Here comes the bear. The ghost is coming. I don't know what's coming. I still remember that when she was twelve years old, she couldn't help singing again, and someone heard it and fell into the lotus pond. fycgsonic.com