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The Fantasy Age of Online Games

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 06:45   Beauty & Well being   Sanghar   102 views

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Location: Sanghar
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The hidden moon shook her sleeves proudly. This time she was not wearing the same clothes as the tights, but a gorgeous and wide priest's robe. "Hey, because of your help, Dad, now I finally became a priest of the second order temple, so the priest's robe I'm wearing now is very gorgeous." He shook his head and saw that not far away, East Shoe West appeared in the transport array with a proud laugh, and then sent it out. I'm a little embarrassed, but can I invite you to live in my city? Floated to and fro in that misty little town, and lingered for a long time in front of the blacksmith's shop, and then suddenly said. …… What did you say The blacksmith uncle stopped the action of forging iron and looked at him with some confusion. Don't you have a fever? "I said.." When I was just about to repeat, I suddenly thought that since even the sleep system had come out, the weather system and the epidemic system should come out next time, right? "Well, you mean you want me to live in your city?" The blacksmith opposite, sitting on a piece of felt,plastic bottle making machine, watched the drift, and took a sip of the inferior ale sold in the only tavern in town. Yes Swinging around and nodding in response. In fact, it's not impossible for me to go there. Anyway, it's so deserted here. However "Well, if you can get the tailor to go with me, I'll go. Anyway,Edible oil filling machine, for me, a bigger place will be more helpful for me to exercise my forging skills." Said the blacksmith, nodding at him. At this moment, I heard a "ding" sound from the system, "The player received the task: 'Move': The uncle of the blacksmith shop wants to live in the same city with the aunt of the tailor shop, so if you want the uncle of the blacksmith shop to move, you must let the aunt of the tailor shop move." Chapter 149 the mission of the temple. As he drifted back and forth, wheezing and digging, somewhere he did not know, some people who were very strange to him were seriously discussing the topic. If someone in the temple came in at this time, he would be surprised to see so many NPCs sitting there discussing things seriously. If it's a bet, PET blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, you will shout, please, this is obviously a game, don't do it so seriously.The stock of east shoes and west gambling is less than that of floating around. How can it be used as energy for cleaning tools? I had no choice but to clean it by myself. When I saw something, I had to clean it by myself. When the girls knew what was going on here,juice filling machine, they immediately put all the cleaning work on the men. Damn it Old, what on earth are you doing? East Shoe West bet unusually angrily sent a lot of notes in the past, and the reply he received made him lose his temper in an instant. gzxilinear.com