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The Complete Works of Qin Xu, the Death of Hokage _ Pai Pai Novels

Oct 26th, 2022 at 10:46   Beauty & Well being   Gadani   360 views

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Sasuke looked at Tuanzang who had fallen to the ground. He had personally killed the culprit who had destroyed his family. However, he was not happy at all. He just felt very empty in his heart. At this time, the spot jumped down and went to Tuan Zang's side: "Stop the water to write the wheel eye, I accepted." However, Tuanzang suddenly jumped up at this time, which startled both Sasuke and Madara. Immediately, Tuan Zang tore off his clothes: "For the sake of Konoha, for the sake of the ninja world, you must not be allowed to live." Madara saw the stripes on Tuanzang's body: "This is!"! Four-image seal! Sasuke,uns c68700, get out of here. With these words, Madara retreated, and Sasuke, startled,uns s32760 plate, also retreated rapidly. A pile of black things gushed out of Tuan Zang's body. These things expanded at an alarming rate, and at the same time, they sucked in all the things they touched. Finally, these things expanded to the limit, contracted suddenly, and returned to Tuan Zang's body. This time, uns s31803 sheet ,x70 line pipe, the body was completely dead. Madara breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, it's really dangerous. It's a kind of art that seals the things around you into your body. It seems that it's designed to start automatically when you're dying.". Now that the man is dead, the next step is Konoha. At this time, Tuan Zang's right hand suddenly grew a big tree, and then Tuan Zang's body turned into wood. Madara looked at the tree and said, "Pillar, you are really awesome. You have been dead for so long that I am surprised." I didn't expect to see you again so soon. Qin Xu's voice suddenly came from the top of the head of the spot and Sasuke, two people startled, hurriedly looked up, see Qin Xu standing on a tree is looking at the two of them. Spot looked at Qin Xu: "Indeed, we are really predestined.". Then may I ask what you want to do here? You don't think you can defeat me and Sasuke by yourself. Qin Xu smiled, "Didn't you say that you are just an empty shell now? Although your space ninjutsu can make your opponent's attack ineffective, I wonder what you want to attack me with." Madara looked at Qin Xu and smiled. "You don't seem to have answered my question." Qin Xu looked at the spot: "I did not intend to answer your question." Madara's tone darkened. "You are so arrogant. Let's meet on the battlefield." Say that finish, with Sasuke left, Qin Xu did not stop, because he knows, now is not the time. Qin Xu jumped to the side of Tuanzang's body. "I didn't expect that this guy not only got a round eye on his right eye, but also his whole arm. He also implanted the first generation of cells.". Tuan Zang, you've done your own evil. You can't live. Qin Xu pulled out his sword and cut off the big tree above Tuan Zang's right hand. With one hand, he picked up Tuan Zang's body, which had been turned into wood, and turned around and flew out. "Now the task has been completed. I didn't expect Tuan Zhang to die like this, but it's good to save me any more trouble." Qin Xu is flying in the sky,316 stainless steel plate, while feeling the soul movement around him. "My mother-in-law's meeting is over. I don't know what the result of the discussion is. I hope it's not too outrageous. But according to the current development, the day of the war is not far away.". I don't know if Naruto's strength is enough to cope with the coming crisis. Thinking, Qin Xu sped up and ran in the direction of Konoha. lksteelpipe.com