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My wife falls in love with me

Oct 26th, 2022 at 10:14   Beauty & Well being   Garhiyasin   144 views

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Feng Cong, who did not smoke, held the cigarette in his hand and thought about it, but decided to light it. Anyway, it's better to smoke a cigarette from him than not to pull out a hair from him. Just Liu Qing's smoke is particularly ferocious, just smoke a mouthful, choke him to cough again and again, tears also flow down, hold back red face to ask: "What do you call this smoke?"? Why are you so fierce? It's too hard to smoke. "Men smoke, of course." Smiling, Liu Qing smoked by himself and watched him suffer with great interest. He leaned his hands behind his head and said lazily, "Hey, a gigolo like you doesn't understand the benefits of this kind of smoke." Chapter 362 those deadly legs. Hum! In the face of Liu Qing's frivolous tone, Feng Cong's face was somewhat ugly with a cold hum. Even if he is really a small white face, as a man, also afraid to give people say small white face sissy. He bravely smoked the cigarette and assumed such a posture. "I guess Sun Yat-sen just had a job to explain to you at the beginning," he said disdainfully. Anyway, everyone is driven away, and you are no better than me. Liu Qing, I warn you that you,digital signage kiosk, a married man, should stay away from Sun Yat Sen. Sun Yat-sen's mind is very simple, you have to hold the idea of playing with her to hook up with her, I Feng Cong will never let you go easily. "Yo, that's like a man." Liu Qing narrowed his eyes and stared at the prey like a carnivorous beast. "But don't think I don't know what you're thinking. It's so sticky to chase Sun Yat Sen. Isn't it for the sake of her family property?" Feng Cong stared at Liu Qing with a chill in his heart, but at this time he did not want to show weakness. "I'm not afraid to tell you, Liu Qing,thermal imaging camera," he said in the same low voice. You're talking about part of my mind. But I also love Sun Yat Sen. Even if she was a poor girl, I would still chase her. "I'll give you a pertinent suggestion." Liu Qing withdrew his gaze and continued to show a lazy look that was harmless to people and animals: "Your spirit is commendable, but it's better to turn your mind elsewhere as soon as possible. You can't see hope in Mu Wanqing in your life." With that, Liu Qing stood up lazily. Is that a threat? Feng Cong was Liu Qing said a burst of anger, stood up, but after all some guilty whispered: "Liu Qing, I am not afraid of your threat." Whatever you think. I just want to give you some advice, although you are a little insidious, but not beyond the scope of normal people, not too bad. After all, I've eaten you twice, and I can't repay you. Liu Qing put one hand in his pocket. Turn around with a smile. He turned his back to him and waved his hand. "No need to thank you, as long as you remember that Mu Wanqing will always be mine.". Also, don't use methods that are too extreme. In order to avoid any unpleasant things between us in the future. Liu Qing said that Feng Cong's intuitive feeling, digital signage screen ,smart interactive whiteboard, like a person, like is like. It's normal to go after a woman with some means. It is normal for s to be insidious. How can a normal adult in this world not have a dark side in his heart? However, in the past, Feng Cong pursued Sun Yat-sen closely. Liu Qing can still play with him in a relaxed manner. It's just that the longer I get along with Mu Wanqing, the more I care about her. I have to admit that I am very popular in the company. Wen Ren Jing Hong was able to win or lose equally with the other side at the beginning, but gradually lost more and won less in the end. Even talking into the headset is much less. But Xiao Mei is a reasonable and unforgiving master. Once a serious struggle, even Liu Qing that difficult goods have to concede three points, a series of skillful and not with the same kind of cynicism through the headset spread to the ears of Jing Hong. She was so angry that her face turned red and white for a while,digital whiteboard price, but she had no place to vent her anger. She also saw that the girl opposite, who sounded young, was indeed a PK genius. hsdtouch.com