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Dth Hammer Cluster Guangdong Zhongke

Oct 27th, 2022 at 09:37   Real estate   Saddiqabad   65 views

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Location: Saddiqabad
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 The research and development and actual application cases of the cluster DTH hammer with 1000 MM showed by Guangdong Zhongke Zhneyu Group has filled the blanks of China. Guangdong Zhongke Zhenyu cluster down-the-hole hammer is efficient, environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient and convenient. It has been used in many national key projects, such as Baiyun International Airport Project, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway Project,mining dth bit, Beijing Metro Project and several light rail construction projects. Zhongke Zhenyu down-the-hole hammer rock entry technology has really solved the problems of rock entry speed and pore-forming quality in geotechnical construction. Zhenyu cluster down-the-hole hammer, features: 1. Low oil consumption: the environmental protection design with low energy consumption can reduce the use of one air compressor on average compared with the original integral down-the-hole hammer 2. The consumption and wear of hammers are greatly reduced: the regular movement of hammers makes the wear and consumption much less. Zhenyu's hammers are designed and refined with special patented technology. Expand the full text 3. High efficiency: The regular movement, impact and force of multiple hammers increase the efficiency of rock entry speed by 15% -20%. And 4, that hole for effect is better: the clust type big bore down-the-hole hammer has better slag return effect. Maximum aperture is 2000 MM Features: 1. Low oil consumption: The environmentally-friendly design with low energy consumption can reduce the use of one air compressor compared to the original integrated DTH hammer on average. 2. Greatly reduce the consumption and damage of the hammerhead: The individually regular movement of the sub-hammers makes the damage and consumption is much less. What’s more, they are specially designed and manufactured. 3. High efficiency: The regular motion of several sub-hammers make the efficiency is increased by 15%-20%. 4. Good effect: The cluster DTH hammer with large diameter has better slag returning effect. The maximum aperture is 200MM Guangdong Zhongke Zhenyu cluster down-the-hole hammer solves the problem of high cost in the construction of down-the-hole hammer into rock. The cluster DTH hammer has solved the high cost in rock drilling construction. In June 2018, the case of Guangdong Zhongke Zhenyu's 800 MM diameter cluster down-the-hole hammer entering the rock for micro-weathering construction fully demonstrates that the large diameter cluster down-the-hole hammer is more efficient,Tapered Rock Bit, energy saving and more environmentally friendly. In July 2018, the 800MM cluster DTH hammer rock drilling with micro-weathered construction has obviously showed that this machine is more high efficiency, energy saving and environmentally friendly. The following chart is a case of Guangdong Zhongke Zhenyu's project in Hainan: Comparison, analysis-please see the following table for analysis Guangzhou Zhenyu Cluster Dth Hammer solves the following problems: 1. And the oil consumption in the rock-entering construction is reduced 2. The drilling tool is lowered The input cost of the drilling rig and other equipment prolongs the service life of the drilling tool. 3. Reduces damage to rig equipment : Small hammerhead moves separately, small vibration, small damage 4. The cost input of the engineering project is reduced. The construction efficiency and benefit are improved, and the project quality is improved. The cluster DTH hammer solves the following problems: 1. Reduce the fuel consumption 2. Reduce the cost of drill tools and other device, prolong the service life of machines. 3. Reduce the damage 4. Reduce the cost of project: increase the efficiency, benefit and quality. Exhibition, busy, to come to visit, guide the leaders, friends do not take good care of.. Zhongke Zhenyu, dth drilling hammer ,dhd drill bit, here: I'm deeply sorry! Every progress of Guangdong Zhongke Zhenyu It is inseparable from the care and love of leaders and friends.  Yingfu Industrial Park,mining drill bit, Qingyuan, Guangdong Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone Guangdong Zhongke Zhenyu has always focus on researching and developing DTH hammer rock drilling technology, and provides overall solution for DTH hammer with one-stop service. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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