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Rich and Powerful Family Love Song: Cool President on the Bar (End)

Oct 27th, 2022 at 10:31   Real estate   Sambrial   712 views

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Location: Sambrial
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The warm winter sunshine shone through the glass window, sprinkled on their faces, sprinkled on the shallow shadows at their feet, but did not reflect into Ouyang Qian's deep blue eyes like the sea. Before how did not find, Ouyang Qian that pair of blue eyes, at first glance seems to have been rippling with gentle light, in fact, this pair of unfathomable blue eyes, simply can not reflect anything in the world. Yi Xiaofei sighed lightly, she actually forgot, the perfect prince actually does not exist in this world. When the sun shines on the front of the prince,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, we only notice his voice and smile, but we don't notice that the back of the prince also has a dark shadow. Ouyang Qian still smiled very gently. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Yi Xiaofei's wooden expression. He asked gently, "Are you surprised?" Yi Xiaofei shook her head and said softly, "No, I'm just surprised why you let me know your unknown side." Ouyang Qian's blue eyes quietly flashed a trace of sarcasm, "because." I think you're more interesting. The tone was very indifferent,Kava Root Extract, implying a hint of ridicule. Interesting Yi Xiaofei lowered her eyes, suppressed the burning anger in her heart, and said with an expressionless face: "Thank you for your praise." Ouyang Qian leaned forward. Her slender white fingertips glided gently across her cheeks. Instead, her gentle movements gave her a creepy feeling. Ouyang Qian withdrew his hand and said with a light smile, "Is Miss Yi interested in being my assistant?" Yi Xiaofei felt a bang, as if his mind had been exploded, a blank. After seeing the man's indifferent behavior with her own eyes, her intuition told him that there must be a trick in it. Ouyang Qian smiled more and more gently. He pushed Professor Tong's office door open and said to her, "Miss Yi, please come in. I have something to say to you." Sitting in Professor Tong's office, she sat face to face with Ouyang Qian with an expressionless face. With the mentality that the enemy did not move and I did not move, she pursed her lips and waited for Ouyang Qian to directly point out the purpose of looking for her. The man in black, who had just been called wing by Ouyang Qian, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, respectfully came forward and poured a cup of tea for Ouyang Qian before leading the other men in black out of the door together. "Maybe it's him, maybe it's not him. Who knows?"? But I do have a story to tell you. Is Miss Yi interested in hearing it? After seeing Yi Xiaofei nod, Ouyang Qian narrated the past in a flat tone. It turned out that Mrs. Ouyang had made a pure gold badge for all the children of the six families, with their respective names engraved on it. The six families are Mu, Ouyang, Yu, Qu, Yu and Hou. As soon as the sample of the pure gold badge was sent out to the designer, Fan Wenrui began to foster in Ouyang's home. Mrs. Ouyang did not like Fan Wenrui and often embarrassed him everywhere. On the day of the big banquet held by the Yu family,D BHB Factory, Mrs. Ouyang gave the pure gold badges to the children of the six big families at the banquet. After the banquet, when Mrs. Yu offered to take a group photo for them, she found that all the badges were missing. Mrs. Ouyang immediately offered to call the police. Ouyang Qian and Mu Yiwei stood up at the same time to stop Mrs. Ouyang from calling the police. Ouyang Qian said that he was fond of playing for a while and secretly hid all the people's pure gold badges. pioneer-biotech.com

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