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Bad Seed _ Nado _ txt Novel Paradise

Oct 17th, 2022 at 07:16   Animals & Pets   Garh Maharaja   65 views

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Location: Garh Maharaja
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It is very dangerous to walk in the Gobi in windy and sandy weather, and there is no clue except for the strange shape of the Gobi, or high or low hills, so we have to find the nearest hill to avoid the wind and sand. The two of us were squeezed into a narrow crack in the hill. The wind and sand were still blowing on our faces. Our faces hurt. We had to breathe carefully. Every time we opened our mouths, there was a mouthful of sand. Ye Tong began to move toward the inside of the crack, and pulled my clothes, motioned me to go inside, about four or five meters later, the crack began to become spacious, the sound of wind and sand gradually decreased. Not far from the mouth of the crack, a dark band of light was formed, and the wind and sand were raging. This is an ideal place to take shelter from the wind. It was dark in the cave. Ye Tong and I turned on our flashlights and looked around. It seemed that there was still a way leading to the deeper part of the cave. We continued to walk forward. The road began to tilt and seemed to lead to the underground. After a dozen steps, the corridor seemed bottomless, and Ye Tong began to be afraid. I didn't want to be in danger before we found the "Holy Room", so we turned back. Just as we walked out of the inclined corridor, Ye Tong and I shone our flashlights on the ceiling above the cave, and Ye Tong suddenly let out an exclamation: "A few cloth!" The ceiling of the cave is as smooth as if it had been polished, and in its center, a strange symbol is carved. This symbol, I suddenly feel a little familiar. Ye Tong was still staring at the symbol in a trance. I took out my laptop from my backpack and looked through the photos taken at the excavation site of the ancient village of Crook Lake. The photos of more than a dozen wall carvings from all angles immediately lit up my memories-the wall carvings, which had six human figures. There is a symbol in the lower right corner of each figure, and the symbol at the foot of the second figure from the left is very similar to the symbol found on the ceiling of the cave. The laptop was suddenly snatched by Ye Tong,x60 line pipe, who stared at the wall carvings in amazement and asked: Why do you have such a picture? Where was this taken? This is the pattern representing the six great glory gods worshipped in our clan! After I told Ye Tong all about the interview with the ruins of Crook Lake, she explained to me the significance of the symbols and human figures in the wall carvings: "There are six gods worshipped in our clan, and we call them the Six Great Glory Gods of Demirci. The first symbol from the left in this painting represents the ancient multi-eye of the God of Light, the second is the God of Wisdom, the first from the right is the Flying God, the second is the Flame God, and the third is the Water God." The tallest one in the middle is the head of the six gods, the God of prophecy. "It turns out that your ancestors were tribes who farmed on the shores of Lake Crook, but why do your people say that you are nomadic people wandering around?" I asked. I haven't heard any of these things from my people. You know, a nomadic people always have a vague memory of their ancestors. I think it was because the land on the shore of Crook Lake began to desert and was no longer suitable for farming that our people moved around. "I have also seen the pattern of walking into the mouth of the snake and cutting open the heart of the snake on the wall of the ruins. That may be the so-called'Demon Conquering '. Your tribe had this mission more than eight thousand years ago, and it has been handed down to this day. It is true that every few hundred years you have to elect a'warrior', 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns s31803 sheet, as if it were serious. Is there really a'devil '?" "I don't know." Ye Tong seems to be somewhat shaken, "Let's look for the Holy Room first, with these clues, it should not be difficult to find." Outside the cave, the wind gradually subsided, the sky began to brighten, sand and dust floating in the air dancing with the wind, the Gobi as desolate as ever, Halfway through her words, she could say no more, and when she was in the "cave of God",x70 line pipe, she was immediately shocked by what she saw. The hole is not large, and the walls are polished very smooth, extending upward to form a dome. lksteelpipe.com