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Zhu Xian [book Ben. Net]

Oct 26th, 2022 at 10:05   Animals & Pets   Garhiyasin   109 views

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Behind him was Baguio's body lying quietly. However, after that short moment of hesitation, the ghost king did not look back. The huge hard stone door in front of him suddenly fell apart and flew out. In the violent earthquake and the splashing stone rain, the ghost king strode out of the ice stone room with violent determination. The violent vibration made a constant noise of collision, and the falling stones became bigger and bigger, as if they were about to be swallowed up by the river. And this thin green figure, lying quietly on the stone platform, lonely and quiet,65 inch smart board, with a bit of sadness. The ringing sound of the bells, quietly, echoed in the stone chamber, but was soon drowned out by the roar and collapse of the even greater rockfall. Chapter 2 Farewell On the platform of the blood pool, Gui Li and Mr. Gui both looked up at the Fu Long Ding suspended in midair, but their expressions and eyes were completely different. Gui Li was shocked with astonishment, while Mr. Gui's eyes behind the black veil were completely excited and ecstatic. Remember in a Second [Egg Pain Novel Network] danteng123.com Wonderful Novels Read at Any Time Losing the last and most important Suanju, the mysterious power of Fulongding Mountain seemed to be completely revived at the moment. The red blood was surging crazily. The face of the devil seemed to be alive,65 inch touch screen, flowing with brilliance. A pair of blood-red eyes trembled slightly as if they were spiritual. The general invisible but terrible feeling of oppression emanated endlessly from the air, almost impossible to breathe. Gui Li recovered from the shock and turned to Mr. Gui and shouted angrily, "What did you do?" Mr. Ghost seemed to turn a deaf ear to his fierce scolding. His eyes were full of excitement and even a bit crazy. He took a few steps and suddenly knelt down to the Fu Long Ding in midair. The ghost was stunned and looked at the black figure in disbelief. Under the surprised gaze of Gui Li, Mr. Gui opened his arms and stretched out his hands, shouting: "Shura!" "Boom!" There was a terrible loud noise, like a horrible demon being awakened from sleep, which spread from the Fulong Ding. The stone walls on all sides of the cave burst at the same time. Countless huge rocks collapsed and fell down one after another. The blood in the huge blood pool below the cave seemed to be pulled by a huge force. In the loud noise, more than a dozen water columns rushed up out of thin air, eerily and spectacularly. On the Fu Long Ding, there was a faint red shadow, which was looming, but it was obvious that it was becoming more and more obvious that it would appear here in the twisted struggle. In time, far away, the ghost Li also clearly and truly felt the terrible power and the crazy killing intention. Gui Li stared deeply at the red shadow, his face changed rapidly several times, smart board touch screen ,smart board interactive whiteboard, suddenly stamped his feet, his body floated up, but he swept to the mouth of the cave.Mr. Ghost's black body was still the same as before, kneeling down to the Fulong Ding in midair and the mysterious red shadow on it, but at the moment his hands, which had been raised, were slowly hanging down and falling feebly to the ground, and a huge crimson tentacle, sharp as a knife around it, stabbed down from the red shadow on the Fulong Ding, like a huge sickle,smart boards for conference rooms, from behind Mr. Ghost. The remaining force was still so great that it pierced deep into the hard ground under Mr. Ghost, and within a radius of six feet, all the rocks were cracked. hsdsmartboard.com