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Yang Xing _ Wen Chang

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 07:03   Animals & Pets   Dadhar   126 views

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Location: Dadhar
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 ” Tang Shi smiled embarrassedly, "I don't think I'm doing well enough." ” "Keep up the good work." "Okay, Teacher Qi." The two men looked at each other and smiled. In the second half of the night, Tang Shi couldn't hold on, and his head was little by little, like a chicken pecking rice. Qi Baiyan carried the person to the straw pile and wanted her to sleep for a while, even if she wanted to hold it, the little girl rubbed up, hugged him and did not let go,Slate Wall Panel, very clingy. Qi Baiyan was amused and quipped, "What about the independence that you said was good?" ” The little girl rubbed her eyes dimly and said with a straight face: "Now is the time to love, not the time to be independent." ” The boldness is getting bigger. Qi Baiyan had no choice but to sit up, with his back against the wall, and put the person on his lap to make people fall asleep. Tang Shi took Qi Baiyan's hand and went to sleep peacefully. In the morning, Wu Ying came to the kitchen to call people, and what he saw was the picture of two people leaning together and quietly falling asleep. She couldn't bear to disturb it and withdrew again. Qi Baiyan's biological clock woke him up. Looking at the time, it was already six o'clock, and Tang Shi was still in a dream, sleeping very peacefully. Qi Baiyan gently rubbed her face,Carrara Marble Slab, very satisfied. Tang Shi was awakened by Qi Baiyan, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he felt the man's warm fingers scraping her face without a moment's hesitation. Tang Shi rubbed comfortably, feeling so happy in his heart, he stuck out his tongue and licked it, held it, and spit it out again, and said in a dumb voice: "Good morning." ” Qi Baiyan's body stiffened. Tang Shi was unconscious, looking calm, and didn't know what a seductive action he had just made. She just wanted to kiss him. Qi Baiyan's hands were so good-looking. Qi Baiyan was very helpless--doing this action on a man who had been abstinent for more than a month, the little girl really wanted to force people to die. The two of them got up, collected the students' clothes, continued to dry them, and went to the room to change the students' clothes. Entering Xiao Liang's room, Xiao Liang saw the two coming and said to Qi Baiyan, "Hello teacher." ” Tang Shi was stunned.Qi Baiyan nodded, "I'm afraid I didn't sleep last night?" I'll substitute for you today? ” Xiao Liang hurriedly waved his hand, "Not sleeping for one night is not a big deal, I can." ” "Did anyone have a fever last night?" "Yes, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, I took the medicine and had a fever that went away, and I fed it again this morning." "Who has a fever?" "Little Bassan." Tang Shi touched Xiao Basang's head, and felt some guilt in his heart--last night he and Qi Baiyan had spent the two-person world, and he didn't even know that the child had a fever.  ” Qi Baiyan nodded. After eating, the two of them walked as usual, and Tang Shi told him about the interesting things that happened, and while talking, he couldn't help but move, which was much more lively than usual, and his smile was often hung on his face, and his eyes were bright and bright. Qi Baiyan spoke little,white marble mosaic, listened most of the time, and listened very seriously. The little girl was watched by him seriously, and there was an indescribable sense of happiness. forustone.com