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Violent doctor (complete)

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 06:40   Real estate   Daud Khel   113 views

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Location: Daud Khel
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But what he didn't expect was that before long, the mythical beast Fire Kirin ran back. Lie down beside Ye Lin, tearfully looking at Ye Lin, begging Ye Lin not to let Black Kirin train him. Only when Ye Lin inquired did she know that the training method of the emotional Black Kirin was really abnormal. Just one word, hit! Black Kirin is a super mythical beast, which is one level higher than the mythical beast Fire Kirin. Fire kylin and black kylin fight, that is purely by the Lord. No wonder the fire Kirin would run back, wronged almost crying. Fire Kirin is the enemy before it is conquered. After conquering the Fire Kirin, Ye Lin treated him as her friend. Listening to the Fire Kirin talk about the inhuman treatment he received in the Black Kirin, she could not bear it, so she did not force the Fire Kirin to train with the Black Kirin. But the black kylin now can not do, very not easy to see a kindred, blood has been boiling he, how can easily let go of the fire kylin. This guy even recruited Roraman as a lobbyist and let the Fire Kirin train with him. Luo Laman helped Ye Lin many times, he opened his mouth, Ye Lin is not good to say anything, can only be wronged fire Kirin. When Ye Lin left the city of Sur to wander around at noon, she heard the screams of the Fire Kirin coming from the castellan's mansion,inflatable air dancer, and brought him out, saying that it was to cultivate the tacit understanding of fighting with each other. This reason, the black kylin is not good to refuse, then temporarily let go of the fire kylin. But did not expect, black Kirin this guy seems to be playing chicken blood general excitement, Ye Lin this just came back, he came,Inflatable water park factory, with Ye Lin for fire Kirin. Black Kirin is also well-intentioned, Ye Lin also has no way, it is worth suffering the fire Kirin, the fire Kirin to the black Kirin training. And she herself stepped into the living room and let the Fire Kirin look at her back with tears in her eyes. As soon as he entered the living room, there was a scream outside. The scream came from the Fire Kirin. Alas, the poor Fire Kirin has begun to be ravaged by the Black Kirin again. The good baby said with a smile. Ye Lin went to the chair and sat down. She took a sip of water from her teacup and looked at the baby with a smile. She said, "Baby, the Black Kirin is very energetic. It seems that the Fire Kirin alone is not enough.". What do you say I send you to train for him? The baby shook his head like a rattle. "No, no, that guy's crazy. I'm not crazy with him!" "Ha ha!" There was a burst of laughter in the living room. Chapter 633 "What's the matter, sister?" Iced coffee looked at Ye Lin. Asked doubtfully. In her opinion, it's not a big deal to upgrade to a super guild. As she said just now, even if the overweening has become a super guild, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable amusement park, the rain alliance wants to destroy the overweening dance, it is also an easy thing that can not be relaxed. Ye Lin did not answer the words of iced coffee, but repeatedly deliberated on the guess in her heart. Well, I totally agree with that. System city as a foothold, it is too easy to expose. Moreover, it is not yet known whether players from hostile countries will be able to enter the system city after the start of the national war. Iced coffee nodded approvingly and said. Ye Lin said,inflatable castle with slide, "Now that we have locked in the guild residence, let's think about what kind of guild residence the Dongying people will choose." "Of course it's the best, the guild residence of the super guild." The good baby blurted out. joyshineinflatables.com