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Very pure, very ambiguous.

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:39   Automobiles   Adilpur   61 views

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"My godfather said to help contact Dr. Zhong, it should not be a big problem!" After hanging up the phone, Yang Ming said to the suspicious doctor and Zhou Mu. Who is your godfather? Mother Zhou looked at Yang Ming strangely and asked. My godfather is Liu Weishan! "What a coincidence," said Yang Ming. "Otherwise, there would be nothing we could do for a while." "It's a coincidence!" The doctor also sighed, "Madam, your daughter is really lucky. If you can invite Mr. Zhong to perform the operation in person, your confidence will be improved by at least 50%!" "Yang Ming, please bother your godfather this time." Zhou mother at the moment, is also very grateful, for the first time and Yang Ming so polite to speak. Not long after, Liu Weishan called back. It turned out that Zhong Hanlin was not in Beijing, but was preparing for the New Year in his hometown in Heilongjiang. Heilongjiang is a neighboring province where Songjiang is located. The distance is relatively close. It is only an hour's journey by plane. When Zhong Hanlin heard that it was about Liu Weishan, he naturally promised to come down, and immediately booked a ticket for half an hour, thinking that he would be able to go to Songjiang for a while. After hearing the news, Yang Ming and Zhou Mu were very happy, and the doctor breathed a sigh of relief: "To tell the truth, if Mr. Zhong doesn't come, we are really not sure to do this operation well!" "Shall we go to the airport to pick up Dr. Zhong now?" Mother Zhou was worried about her daughter's safety, so naturally she was anxious to pick up the doctor here. Take our car. Xia Xue said: "The police station car is at the door,aluminium edge trim, so it can be faster and save some time." As soon as Yang Ming thought about it, he also wanted to ask the hospital to send an ambulance to pick up Dr. Zhong, because this kind of special vehicle can not be restricted by traffic rules. Of course, the police car is the same, so Yang Ming heard Xia Xue take the initiative to request, also nodded readily agreed. After the study of the task force, it was basically determined that Wang Xifan's confession was true, but the amount of black gold was not so clear. Wang Xifan also belongs to the kind of fox-like character,aluminum tile trim, the account book records the purchase price and batch, the shipment price is not reflected in the above. Smuggled goods, from cars to electronics, are scattered, and it is not easy to estimate the price of each batch. However, after preliminary accounting, the number is almost the same, after all, some drugs and other contraband smuggling Wang Xifan did not account at all. And that sum of money was secretly transferred out by Wang Xifan. However, whether Huang Youcai was involved in smuggling or not has become the focus of the investigation by the special task force. Xia Xue did not see Huang Youcai participate in the whole process of the incident, although Yang Ming saw, but also do not want to say anything more. After all, Huang Youcai, a mad dog, was very difficult to deal with. Since he had already told the fact that his leg was maimed by himself, aluminum tile edge trim ,china tile trim, if Huang Youcai was really caught by the police, it would be hard to guarantee that he would not tell the story!Zhong Hanlin smiled and said,tile trim factory, "Is your godfather in good health?" "Godfather is in good health recently!" Yang Ming hurriedly took the luggage in Zhong Hanlin's hand, and Xia Xue also took the things in Zhong Hanlin's wife's hand, as if they were some local products and so on. jecatrims.com 

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