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There is room for farming in rebirth

Oct 17th, 2022 at 07:42   Real estate   Battagram   140 views

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Location: Battagram
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Now the fertilizer basically depends on excrement. Every family collects excrement every day and sends it to the place where it is retted. That work is really dirty, tiring and disgusting. The fertilizer is filled in, and then straw, plant ash and other things are put on it. Then it is covered. After a period of time, it has to be checked and turned over. Then when the fertilizer is ready, it has to be carried to the field. Tut! Go to live for one day and make sure you can't eat for three days! This work was originally done by the men in the village in turn, but now someone has done it. How can the men not be happy? They all heckled below: "Yes, yes, go to compost!"! Not composting is not enough punishment! "The village chief can't be partial!" "You can't protect your relatives!" …… The following people can be excited, this group of kitchen wives, sometimes also irritating, usually stealing things is very annoying, but we work together, not their family, how can there be a reason to take casually? And these daughters-in-law had a good attitude towards everyone at the beginning, but later they got worse and worse. In today's words, the service attitude is getting worse and worse, and the money of the big master is getting more and more sufficient. Village chief face does not change color, be afraid is to had made up one's mind early, way: "You are right,Planetary Gear Motor, want to do the work of barnyard manure namely!"! Song Ming's wife and Chao Tianjiao are responsible for this for a month! During this period, we should cooperate well and develop the comradeship between you. We should not make contradictions. If we make contradictions again, we should continue to do it. If we make contradictions once, we will do it for one more month! The punishment was so gratifying that some people even stood up and applauded. Wait until the applause is smaller, and someone shouted: "Village head, wait until you finish the work of composting?"? Why don't you come to cook? I don't want to eat the food cooked by their fat hands! I can't even think about it! It's really tricky. Don't you have any big enmity with those two people at ordinary times? But the man stood in the crowd, and it was not clear which one said it. The village chief hesitated for a moment and said,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, "When they finish the work of composting, they will go to work in the fields."! Where can they come back to cook? Chaotianjiao quit immediately. He raised his head and said, "Village head, it's too unkind to do this. How can a woman like me do those jobs?"? "Chairman Mao also said that knowing one's mistakes and being able to correct them is a great good thing. Now that I know I'm wrong, isn't it enough to punish me for doing the work of retting?" His eloquence is very sharp, and he knows that he should use Chairman Mao's words to enhance his persuasion. Village head has not spoken, the following people quit: "You this bitch you still have the face to say!"! Look what you've done! Not to mention stealing chickens this time, you used to take vegetables, eggs, lard and so on to your home. How to calculate this? Village head, this man is what Chairman Mao called a borer! Is to eat public food, you can not easily let go! Chaotianjiao immediately became angry, regardless of the fact that he was still being watched by so many people on the stage, he immediately jumped up and patted his thigh and clapped his hands a few times and cursed: "Put your mother's bullshit!"! When did I steal those things! Even if you don't know how to speak personal words, Brushless Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, you are not afraid that I will be struck by thunder in the future! Oh, it's really pungent. Song Muwen sat in her seat and watched the performance of Chaotianjiao with a very large range of movements.Do you take him seriously when you scold him here! Still talking about such a private thing in front of so many people, but also shameless! There are so many dolls watching below. Do you want the dolls to learn to be bad? The village chief roared, "Shut your mouth!"! Speak again, I let you have no food to eat later, eat the thing in that cesspool! Ew. Hearing this, Song Muwen almost spit out, or the village head is the sharpest! Chapter 44 big win. After listening to the village chief's words, the people below all laughed,Small Dc Gear Motor, and some people shouted below: "Village chief, this is the way to deal with such a smelly woman. In the future, we will send them fresh ones!" 。 ichgearmotor.com