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The knowledge of spray drying tower is here, working principle, operating procedures, fault repair! _ Material

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(2) If the spindle is found to be abnormal, replace it; (3) Readjust or replace the dynamic balance of the centrifugal disc. Operation precautions 1. First turn on the centrifugal fan, then turn on the heater, and check whether there is air leakage. If it is normal, it can be preheated. Because the hot air preheating determines the evaporation capacity of the drying equipment, the inlet air temperature should be increased as much as possible without affecting the quality of the dried materials. 2. During preheating, the atomizer is placed at the top of the drying chamber, and the drying chamber and the discharge port of the cyclone separator must be sealed to prevent cold air from entering the drying chamber and reducing the preheating efficiency. 3. When the inlet temperature of the drying chamber reaches the set temperature, start the centrifugal nozzle. When the spray head reaches the maximum speed, start the feed pump, add water and spray for 10 minutes, and then replace it with feed liquid. The feed amount should be from small to large, otherwise it will stick to the wall until the appropriate requirements are adjusted. The concentration of the feed liquid should be prepared according to the drying properties of the material to ensure that the finished product has good fluidity after drying. 4. The temperature and humidity of the dried finished product depend on the exhaust air temperature. During the operation, it is extremely important to keep the exhaust air temperature as a constant, which depends on the feeding amount. If the feeding amount is stable, the outlet temperature is relatively stable. If the solid content and flow rate of the feed liquid change, the outlet temperature will also change. 5. If the product temperature is too high, the feeding amount can be reduced to increase the outlet temperature, and vice versa if the product temperature is too low. For heat-sensitive materials with low product temperature, the feeding amount can be increased to reduce the exhaust temperature, but the product temperature will be increased accordingly. And 6, collecting the dried finished product. The pollinator at the lower part of the cyclone separator should be replaced before it is full. When replacing the pollinator, the butterfly valve on it must be closed first. 7. If the dried finished product is hygroscopic, the cyclone separator and its pipeline and the pollinator shall be wrapped with thermal insulation materials, so as to avoid moisture regain and moisture absorption of the dried finished product. Pay attention to our energy-saving internal reference public micro-signal: jnnc01 We insist on original depth or selected every article, welcome to pay attention and share. If you need to reprint, please be sure to indicate the source, and retain the words "energy-saving internal reference" and two-dimensional code. Also hope that through this platform to know more like-minded friends, communicate with each other, learn from each other, make progress together, and make a contribution to the cause of green environmental protection! (Disclaimer: This article only represents the views of the author,decarboxylation after extraction, and does not represent the position of this public number. If there are intellectual property disputes, contributions and cooperation matters, please contact) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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