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The Benefits of Our Balance Packs

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:23   Automobiles   Bahawalpur   33 views

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Incredible Ergonomic Value

Consider this: Your spine is not a straight line, it curves inward as it approaches your waistline, yet a traditional hiking bag alone distributes weight straight down as if your spine did not curve. By offsetting that weight with a counterweight on the lower front portion of your body, you bring the weight distribution into alignment with your body’s natural shape. If you were to carry the same load in your pack before adding our Body Packs to your front, effectively carrying additional weight in them, you’ll definitely feel as though you carried less after a few hours, not more. By aligning the load with your body’s desired shape, it will feel as though you’re carrying much, much less than you are.

They’re Handy, Too

The term “handy” was made to refer to things that are conveniently close at hand; what could be more close at hand than packs that you can actually rest your hands upon? Even the best hiking bags in the world can’t give you access to the things you’ll need while you’re blazing the trail. By now, you’re probably used to stopping to get anything you need out of your pack, replacing it, re-hoisting your pack, and then moving on; maybe you have a buddy do the pack digging for you, but neither case allows you to continue moving as you do so. With our Balance Packs, accessing the things you need to keep “handy” will be easier than ever before. Plus, since you’ll receive the ergonomic benefits mentioned above, you won’t want to stop and dig through your pack nearly as often anyway!


The 3 advantages of a bicycle bag

Is it a backpack? Is it a pannier? No, it’s a bicycle bag! Incredibly handy, these essential accessories combine all the advantages of a backpack with the convenience of a pannier. What exactly are the benefits? We will explain them to you.

1. Comfortable carrying

It might surprise you, but a bike basket is very comfortable to carry indeed! A Basil backpack comes fully padded, meaning it feels fantastic when worn.

2. Easy attachment to your luggage carrier

Even better for your back is the fact these backpacks attach to the luggage carrier of your bike with the handy hook-on system. This prevents you from arriving at your destination needlessly hot, bothered, and sweaty.

3. More stability when cycling

When you hook a Bicycle Bag to your luggage carrier, you can enjoy a much more stable ride than if you were cycling with it on your back thanks. What’re more, stable means safe!


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