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Star Entertainment Fantasy

Oct 27th, 2022 at 10:22   Real estate   Sambrial   298 views

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Location: Sambrial
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And this time the situation has changed slightly, although the'firepower 'is insufficient, leaving only the last piece of cake in Xu Chenjun's own hands, but this piece of cake in the eyes of this group of guys has not posed any threat, anyway, the whole body is already a cake, what does a little more matter? How hard is it to break the pot? At the moment Xu Chenjun has been surrounded by the'big army ', want to hide also can not find a place for him to hide, just when everyone thought Xu Chenjun would be captured, Xu Chenjun smiled at Taeyeon who took the lead. Taeyeon felt a little strange, suddenly found Xu Chenjun holding the cake hand suddenly moved,Oil Dropper Bottle, a white cake, in the side to his face, subconsciously blocked the side, but Xu Chenjun's original goal is not in the side, but the front! His hands were so fast that the cake shifted one way in the middle of the way at a fairly fast speed. bingo! Right in the heart! The trick succeeded, Xu Chenjun's hand proudly stroked Taeyeon's face'gently ', although there was still a layer of cake in the middle. Very not easy to break away from Xu Chenjun's'evil hand ', Taeyeon has been completely confused, did not think that he would be recruited,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, but also in such a ruthless! If you use the words in CS to describe it, it is shot in the head! How can Taeyeon not be angry, how can she not be furious? Taeyeon, who was in a state of rage, did not pay any attention to her eyes covered by the cake. The first way she thought of in her little head was to hit Xu Chenjun directly with her face covered with cream. She was so miserable that she could never let that guy feel better! Originally Xu Chenjun can easily escape, but Taeyeon's momentum is very urgent, if so escape, behind him is a hard wall, so hit down will be injured, but also quite not light. Taeyeon also did not consider whether she would bump into Xu Chenjun, nor did she consider whether she would be injured if she did not bump into him. She just angrily wanted to retaliate against this'cruel 'man. Bang! There was a loud noise throughout the house! Completely unexpected but in a reasonable result, Xu Chenjun did not dodge, nor did he use his hands to block it, allowing Taeyeon to crash into his arms. Taeyeon, you are too cruel! The sound just now was the sound of Xu Chenjun's back hitting the wall. Xu Chenjun also pretended to be hit very painfully. Most of the cream on Taeyeon's face also stuck to Xu Chenjun's clothes, pushing aside the'fog 'in front of her, Blue Bottle Serum ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Taeyeon found that behind Xu Chenjun was a wall, with his strength just now, if he hit it, it would be unimaginable. The cake has been smashed, and everyone has marks on their bodies. Are you satisfied now? Hurry up to clean up the venue. As soon as Xu Chenjun talked about the problem of tidying up, he looked at the house which was not much worse than the landfill, and this group of guys all had such and such reasons. "Chen Jun, you also know that our TVXQ has been busy recently, and there will be an advertisement to shoot later, so we will go first." With that, Shen Changmin pulled Zheng Yunhao,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, who was still staring around in a daze, and left here at a sprint speed close to that of world sprint champion Bolt. Just want to stop, SJ and shinee a few goods have slipped through the back door. penghuangbottle.com

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