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Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 06:36   Animals & Pets   Sargodha   116 views

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Location: Sargodha
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Gu Xiaoai would like to ask, are you sure you can go to the police station to make things clear? I can't even straighten my tongue. Eyes a turn, Gu Xiaoai smiled and took out a tissue to wipe sweat on his head, "OK, I will accompany you to the police." Chapter 1556: [LG] Who are you to me? (8) Abby Luo was deeply moved to look at her, a trembling hand holding her, "Xiao Ai, you are so kind, I find I like you more and more.." “……” Gu Xiaoai pulled out his hand without showing any trace and put the paper towel on his hand. "You sit down first. Len and I will buy two cups of milk tea to calm you down." All right, I'll wait for you. Abby looked at her affectionately with her eyes. Gu Xiaoai managed to pull out a smile and took Len's little hand and walked forward. Did not walk a few steps away, as if there was some kind of premonition, Gu Xiaoai suddenly turned around. At the edge of the circular pool, Abby Luo was still panting with a lingering fear, completely unaware that a tall figure was approaching him. Li Jue Feng. Gu Xiaoai stood in place, his ears as if he had lost his hearing, he could not hear any sound, and only Li Jue Feng was left in the whole line of sight. Wu Jiang and a bodyguard walked behind Li Juefeng. Li Juefeng was wearing a gray overcoat, which belonged to the brand of E.S. His footsteps were steady, his body was tall, his aura was strong, his short hair was clean and neat,x70 line pipe, his facial features were perfect, his sexy thin lips were tight, his nose was high, and his eyes were long and black, staring coldly at Abby Luo sitting on the edge of the pool.. "Mr. Li." Wu Jiang was the first to see that Gu Xiaoai had turned around and was busy making a sound to remind him. Li Jue Feng frowned slightly, stopped, raised his eyes and looked at Gu Xiaoai's position. Gu Xiaoai stood motionless in place, without blinking,321 stainless steel sheet, for fear that the person in front of her would disappear as before, and then someone would keep telling her. It's just the product of her excessive yearning. Four eyes meet. Mingming should be happy, she finally saw him, she finally saw him standing in front of her alive. Can be very strange, Gu Xiaoai's heart like a cut, pain from the heart has been spread throughout the body. Wind, still. Li Juefeng's eyes looked at her from a distance, as if they were penetrating. Gu Xiaoai's lips moved dryly, but he couldn't make a sound. Li Juefeng's handsome face was only gloomy, and he watched her come step by step. Gu Xiaoai raised a breath, five fingers unconsciously pinched Len's little hand, nervously almost suffocated. The figure of Li Juefeng came towards her, and his shiny shoes stepped on the ground. Ah Abby Luo, sitting by the pool, turned his head and saw a group of people in Wujiang suddenly screaming in fright, x56 line pipe ,a333 grade 6 pipe, "Again, again, again.." Li Juefeng stood in front of him, staring at him darkly, raised his foot and kicked Abby Luo in the chest. Bang- "" Abby Luo didn't even call out for help, he was kicked into the pool by Li Jue Feng, the pool was not deep, but Abby Luo had been kicked very heavily, wet all over, sitting in the pool trembling all over, she has not only matured in the entertainment circle,uns c70600, but also become sharp-tongued and sharp-tongued when speaking to him. Very good Aren't you looking for a private detective just to see me jealous?! Li Jue snorted coldly. He was not prepared to come, the result of Wujiang back photos are wearing glasses and Gu Xiaoai shoulder to shoulder. How dare she hook up with such a dirty man! I've only had a blind date once, and it's so good that I can take you shoulder to shoulder! And his mother took his son out to the zoo to play! What do you want? A family of three?! ……。 lksteelpipe.com