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Quickly wear the omnipotent hanging force

Oct 26th, 2022 at 10:25   Animals & Pets   Garhi Khairo   76 views

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Location: Garhi Khairo
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Fang Yizhen strolled through the streets and passed by a tailoring shop. Fang Yizhen looked down at his clothes and felt that they were too shabby. If he wanted to be Wang Ye's younger brother, he had to be well dressed. With one foot stepping into the threshold, Fang Yizhen remembered that he was now a pauper, shook his head helplessly, turned his head to leave, and accidentally saw a silver ticket falling on the ground. Fang Yizhen: ".." If you're lucky, you can't stop it. He looked around and stayed where he was for a while. No one came back for the money, and no one who passed by seemed to see the silver ticket. He had no choice but to pick it up and said to himself, "I'm sorry for the brother who lost the money. I'll pay you back twice if I'm destined to see you again.". Half an hour later, Fang Yizhen changed into a clean and tidy white robe, with a jade crown tied with black hair and a jade pendant hanging from his waist. The elegant young man was fresh and handsome, like pearls and jade among the rubble, like the wind in front of the jade trees. Not long after he walked out,Agate Stone Price, a bold girl came to ask him who he was with a red face. Finally, she sent him flowers, which made Fang Yizhen laugh and cry. Near dusk, Fang Yizhen walked into Wanchun Building, found a small seat by the window, ordered two dishes, and ate dinner while enjoying the street scenery. Not long after, the number of people in Wanchun Building gradually increased,pietra gray marble, red lanterns were hung high, and dancers dressed in water-red gauze danced on the high platform in the center of the ground floor accompanied by string and bamboo music, which was a scene of prosperity. Fang Yizhen sat on the ground floor with the largest number of people, quietly observing the private seats on the second and third floors. After a break in singing and dancing, the window of a private room was pushed open, and it was Chu Zheng and Xie Congzhang who were sitting opposite the window. Fang Yizhen withdrew his eyes and took a sip of the wine in the porcelain cup. The burning feeling went straight down his throat, choking and refreshing. Chapter 13 Two Four The private room on the second floor. Chu Zheng leaned against the couch carelessly, his sculptural, handsome and flawless face showing a hint of grace and sex appeal. He picked up a cake and took a bite: "Are you Xie Congzhang?" Timbre Ling Ling, such as the sound of a cold spring, Xie Congzhang could not help but look up, on the long and narrow eyes without a trace of emotion, originally nervous palms sweating, he began to stammer: "Yes, yes." Chu Zheng put the remaining half into his mouth. His eyes moved away from Xie Congzhang and swept to the high platform downstairs. "You are a little different from what I imagined." Xie Congzhang can not help some confusion, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Marble Granite Price, in addition to the day before yesterday a hurried hello, he and this King King did not have contact. Perhaps my father said a lot of good things about himself in front of your Highness? Because of uncertainty,  However, if you look carefully, you will find that the differences between the two people are all reflected in their expressions and postures. Xie Congzhang is dressed in luxurious clothes inlaid with gold and jade, and is full of the delicate spirit of a noble childe, while the young man is simple and natural, like floating clouds and flowing water, and is full of the vigor and agility of a young man. It seems that the one he met in the corridor during the day is the one downstairs. This is to feel that he is quite pleasing to the eye,White Marble Slabs, this just put forward to let Xie Congzhang accompany oneself to Wan Chunlou, did not expect a strange combination of circumstances, finally also saw. forustone.com