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Power Master [End]

Oct 17th, 2022 at 07:44   Services   Tando Muhammad Khan   70 views

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The mountain ghost turned around and his voice was like thunder. "I really want to sit on your head. Hey, hey." "What's the trouble? Hurry up!" Non-attack is very unhappy to say, because there has been flying sand and dust on his face, so that he felt very uncomfortable. The mountain ghost was very aggrieved to look at the people, and then suddenly rushed to the body,brushless gear motor, the people will die in the protection of the body. At this time, the huge yellow sand suddenly blew over, and the huge force quickly made the huge body of the mountain ghost shake constantly. Holy shit, is it really that much power or did this bastard do it on purpose? Non-attack saw the body of the mountain ghost swaying from time to time, and then poured in a lot of wind and sand, immediately said. Su Guo a little helpless did not pay attention to the words of non-attack, but suddenly threw out the dragon tooth rope, the hands and feet of the mountain ghost mercilessly tied, and then a non-attack took the dragon tooth rope, suddenly a punch into the yellow sand, do not know how many meters fell. Anyway, the body of the mountain ghost was stabilized. It's so depressing. Didn't you bring your family here? Why don't you use it? Non-attack is obviously a little dissatisfied with the situation of the people at this time, but Sugo smiled and said, "We don't know what kind of existence the different space will be, I don't want to expose everything so soon, wait and see, I always feel very strange here, small geared motors ,Vending Machine Motor, do you feel it?" In fact, there is no difference between our world here. Of course, this is only for the desert. When we get out of the desert, we will have a good look. The crowd nodded helplessly, and then at this time, suddenly heard the voice of the mountain ghost thunder, "I said, the original real trouble, but also, not this thing ah!" They were stunned, feeling the body of the mountain ghost left, and then saw that the storm had passed, so they walked out of the pit one after another, but after walking out of the pit, Suguo finally understood why the mountain ghost said that the real trouble was not the sandstorm. Ye Lingyin and others did not hesitate at the moment, direct action. It was Suguo and Feigong who stood in place and watched the yellow sand disperse in front of them, and the armor weapons fell to the ground. Are you standing by me to protect me? Su Guo looked contemptuously at the non-attack, but the non-attack laughed, and then turned to be very aggrieved and said, "Boss, these warriors are obviously made of yellow sand, my fire power can't play any role at all, you, besides, for a power division, it's a great shame to fight without power!" Su Guo seemed to nod approvingly, and then pointed to the armor, "then do you know, on these armor,micro gear motor, there is a magic?"? You'd better burn them if you don't want to die of exhaustion! # # # Novel Reading Network www.paipaitxt.com welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### 331 Conspiracy See Conspiracy Again (Seventh Watch). ichgearmotor.com