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Apr 6th, 2023 at 11:25   Real estate   Bahawalpur   14 views

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Location: Bahawalpur
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PDLC Film Product Parameter Item DescriptionSelf-adhesive Standard PDLC Film Optical TestTransmittance(Visible)ON79%+-2% OFF60.0% Transmittance(parallel)ON>75% OFF<6% HazeON<5.5% OFF>90% Visual AngleON>140掳 UV ResistanceON>45.0% OFF>99.0% IR ResistanceON18.00% OFF32.00% Electrical TestWorking VoltageONAC 48-60V Saturation VoltageONAC 60V Response TimeON-OFF200ms OFF-ON10ms Power ConsumptionON6w/sqm Mechanical ParameterThickness0.5mm Maximum Width1500mm Material Size30000mm/50000mm Environmental ParameterWorking Temperature-10掳C - 65掳C Storage Temperature0掳C - 35掳C Service Life>50000 hours Switch Frequency> 1000000 times Application Fields of Adhesive Electric PDLC Smart Film 1. Office partition walls, doors and windows, etc. As the glass partition of the conference room, the high quality pdlc smart film can see things outside when it is transparent, and can be used as a projection screen and whiteboard when it is opaque. 2. Private residence It can be used in the living room, bathroom cubicle and other places. Usually the glass is in a foggy state (no electricity), which can protect privacy; when used, it is transparent (electricity) to enlarge the entire space. 3. Commodity display and commercial advertising When the glass display window is opaque, the product can not be seen, and the projector can also be used to place advertisements; when it is transparent, the product can be displayed. The two states can be switched at will in an instant. 4. Other special occasions (1) Use of glass compartments in bathrooms and toilets: the glass is transparent when not in use, and when the door is locked, it will appear foggy. (2) The use of hidden spaces in hospitals: the viewing windows of hospital baby rooms, intensive care units, etc., to replace curtains to reduce dust and reduce noise. (3) Purpose of the clean room: the adhesive electric pdlc smart film can be used to change the transparency or opacity to reduce the inconvenience of wearing clean clothes in and out of the clean room. FAQ 1.How does the adhesive electric PDLC smart film work锛?/strong> In 鈥渙ff state鈥? when no electrical power is applied on the smart film, the light is absorbed or scattered and the pdlc film looks white frosted. In 鈥渙n state鈥? the light is transmitted and the smart film looks transparent. We can provide the video of installation锛?/p> 2.What is the product lead time锛?/strong> Lead time for pdlc adhesive smart film products is 7 days after receipt payment. 3.What is the size of your pdlc film in roll? Width: 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and can be customized. Length: 50 meters long. 4.Can we cut the smart films? Yes, you can. You may use sharp knife to cut as requested.PDLC Film website:http://www.smartglassproject.com/pdlc-film/

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