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Nov 8th, 2022 at 07:00   Automobiles   Bahawalpur   38 views

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Location: Bahawalpur
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The paper cup machine is a kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding of the base paper (white cardboard) made of chemical wood pulp. With the characteristics of safety, health, lightness and convenience, it is an ideal equipment for public places, restaurants and restaurants. The equipment has a heating station to heat the PE film on the surface of the PE-coated paper and compact it through the side and bottom pressing mechanisms. After cooling, the effect of firm bonding can be achieved.

The paper bowl is a kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding of the base paper (white cardboard) made of chemical wood pulp, and its appearance is bowl-shaped. A kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding of base paper (white cardboard) made of chemical wood pulp, with a bowl-shaped appearance. Waxed paper cups for frozen food, can hold ice cream, jam and butter, etc. Paper cups for hot drinks are coated with plastic, resistant to temperatures above 90°C, and can even bloom with water. The characteristics of paper bowls are safe, hygienic, lightweight and convenient. It can be used in public places, restaurants, and restaurants, and is a one-time item. Since the advent of paper bowls, it has quickly become the most viable green tableware in the 21st century. Internationally renowned fast food chains such as McDonald's, KFC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and various instant noodle products have adopted disposable paper bowls. A hygienic feature is the composition of the inner walls of the paper bowl. The reason why the paper bowl can hold water is that the inner wall of the paper bowl is coated with a layer of polyethylene water-repellent film. However, if the selected material is not good or the process is not good enough, this substance may be oxidized to its volatile carbonyl compound. This substance has a strange smell, and long-term intake of this substance is very harmful, especially some small factories are still using the prohibited recycled polyethylene water barrier film. Another hygienic property of paper bowls is its degradability. An industry insider said that paper bowls not only consume resources, but also impose a great burden on the environment. Moreover, due to the convenience of paper bowls, some people throw them away after use, which not only destroys the appearance of the city, but also brings great pressure to the sanitation work. Therefore, when choosing paper bowls, we must choose paper bowls made of degradable materials, and dispose of them properly after use.

Fully automatic single-sided PE coated paper bowl machine is a multi-station automatic forming machine.
It automatically feeds paper (printed fan-shaped paper), seals (heat seals the wall of the paper cup), fills oil (lubricates the upper roll), punches the bottom (automatically punches the bottom of the cup from the roll paper), heats, continuous processes such as knurling (sealing at the bottom of the cup), crimping, and unloading and collecting, as well as photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting and other functions, are used for the production of beverage paper cups, tea paper cups, coffee paper cups, advertising paper cups and market paper cups, ice cream paper cups or other ideal equipment for disposable cone-shaped food paper containers. Paper cups, paper bowls and paper lunch boxes are the most vital green tableware in the 21st century.

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Car Brand Daihatsu