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Molecular Sieve for sale

Mar 17th, 2023 at 10:58   Furniture   Battagram   2 views

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Location: Battagram
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Molecular Sieve for sale Sintered plate corundum is a pure and thoroughly burnt without adding any additives such as MgO, B2O3, with a large crystalline, well-developed 伪- Al2O3 crystal structure with a content of over 99%. Plate crystal structure, small air holes and more closed air holes and the air pore rate is roughly equivalent to that of electro molten corundum, high purity, good volume stability, small refiring shrinkage, after high temperature treatment of material resistance or pouring materials has good thermal shock stability and bending strength, but the price is higher than other alumina. Sintered plate rigid jade can be used as the main component for aluminum carbon, aluminum carbon, magnesium carbon, magnesium and aluminum carbon, magnesium spinel, aluminum chrome refractory brick, or as aluminum rich component introduced to high aluminum indefinite refractory materials, can be widely used in steel, casting, ceramics, the application in the steel industry almost covers the whole process of steel steelmaking. The application of sintering corundum in iron and steel industry EquipmentApplication siteType of materials usedNature and function Blast furnaceFurnace lining, hot air furnace, pouring field (main ditch, outlet iron ditch)Aluminum-chrome brick, high aluminum brick, high aluminum casting, high aluminum cocoa plastic, aluminum silicon carbide carbon castingGood thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance of alkaline slag and high high temperature strength Hybrid carsWorking lining (slag brick, iron brick, top turn), aluminum carbon mudAluminum silicon carbon brick, aluminum magnesium carbon brick, aluminum carbon brick, aluminum silicon carbide carbon refractory mudGood slag erosion resistance and good iron water erosion resistance Steel packageWorking lining, breathable tile, water intake seat brickAluminum silicon carbide carbon bricks, aluminum magnesium prefabricated parts, aluminum spinel prefabricated parts, magnesium aluminum non-burning bricks, aluminum magnesium non-burning bricks, aluminum spinel fired productsGood heat shock resistance, good slag resistance, steel water erosion resistance and good air permeability Intermediate packageBackup working lining, package coverLow cement pouring material, high aluminum prefabricated brickStable in volume RHImpregnated pipe, and circulation pip-eCorundum spinel castings, prefabricated partsGood thermal shock resistance and good slag resi-stance Water intakeLong, immersion waterAluminum and carbon water intake, aluminum and carbon skateboard, etcGood thermal shock resistance and steel-water erosion resistance Unstable water intakeWater intake, skateboardAluminum carbon water intake, corundum spinel injection water intake, aluminum carbon skateboard, etcGood thermal shock resistance, good erosion resistance, and well Heating furnaceWorking liningHigh aluminum is plastic, pouring material, precast blocksStable volume and good thermal insulation effectMolecular Sieve for sale website:http://www.sd-alumina.com/molecular-sieve/