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Mistaken Marriage: Annoying Wang Ye (Complete)

Oct 27th, 2022 at 10:12   Real estate   Sanghar   101 views

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Location: Sanghar
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Therefore, there are two mothers in Long Zhanhua's heart, one is the birth mother, the present queen mother, and the other is the adoptive mother, Aunt Rong. So I have always respected Aunt Rong Long Zhanhua. And Aunt Rong is a person who sees all the prosperity. She is very accurate about people and things. Generally, she is not easy to open her mouth. Once she opens her mouth, Long Zhanhua will also be taboo. Another person is the cold housekeeper. This cold housekeeper is also an old courtier in the family. It is said that he was brought back to the mansion by Long Zhanhua's grandfather when he was young. At that time, he was just a child and almost starved to death. It was Long Zhanhua's grandfather who saved him by the roadside. From then on, he settled down in the palace. He has always been loyal to his master, Pallet rack beams , regarded Long Zhanhua's grandfather as his own father, and regarded Long Zhanhua as his own son, and devoted himself to everything in the house. And Long Zhanhua also treats the cold housekeeper differently because of such a relationship. So as long as you please these two people, it is absolutely beneficial to you. Liu Qianer's little abacus is very precise. The queen has just entered the palace and has to learn a lot of rules in the palace. She has been with the queen mother in the queen hall these days. But I promise I will take you to see her when the time comes. Long Zhanhua is telling the truth. He has been waiting for the opportunity. Liu Qianer looked at Long Zhanhua's eager eyes and suddenly felt that the man was not as hateful as he had imagined. I'll tell you what. Liu Qianer shriveled her mouth with a bitter mouth. The emperor suddenly decreed to marry her. What could she do? Before she left, she cried so much that her eyes were swollen. She didn't want to go to the palace. But her father said, "Is it possible that the emperor kissed her as the queen? Where can she escape?"? But I knew she only liked the little four in her heart and didn't want to go to the palace, so I secretly went to the palace to save my sister. Even if I couldn't save her, it would be good to give her a message to the little four. I knew she must be very sad. I didn't know that you ruined all my plans and locked me up here that day. Liu Qianer suddenly shut up because she found Long Zhanhua sitting on the edge of the bed with her head buried deep between her arms. The body trembled slightly, as if trying to suppress something. Hello-Liu Qianer kicked Long Zhanhua with her foot, but Long Zhanhua did not move. No, my sister is married anyway. Does it matter who she used to like? Why does he seem to have suffered a great blow. omracking.com

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