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Live and work in peace and contentment with a group of demons dancing

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:22   Automobiles   Adilpur   138 views

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"Don't like to go to the market?" When he first came to this world, he came here every day. Occasionally, I can find some good things. One side of a city is backed by mountains, and some mountain people often go down the mountain to sell some wild fruits. It was here that he had found the spiritual fruit. An Wenhao frowned and was not used to all kinds of smells around him. Hong Chou could only put him outside the market and found a milk tea shop for him to sit down: "Wait for me here, don't run around." "Oh." An Wenhao lies on his stomach. Milk tea young younger sister two eyes twinkle come over, send milk tea to him: "Handsome boy, your milk tea." An Wenhao raised his eyelids, still weak: "Thank you." Milk tea little younger sister's eye is brighter: "Handsome boy, a moment ago that is your old attack?" Absolute force is CP! An Wenhao is holding a straw in his mouth: "Children, don't meddle like a bitch." What old attack? That's his wife! Obviously very imposing words, but now his skin is still younger than the milk tea younger sister's age, the tone is not so much angry as acting like a spoiled child. So when Hongchou came back, he found that his little flame's cheeks were pinched red. He lowered his head and kissed twice. "What's wrong?" An Wenhao pinched his teeth and said, "I don't haggle with children. Humph!" How dare you pinch his face! The soul is light! From the milk tea shop in the back came an excited scream: "Ah!"! Kiss, kiss! An Wenhao turns round to stare angrily: "What his wife kisses is him, what is the little girl film excited about?"? Wait, if Hongchou kissed him in front of Zhao Ruoqing, Zhao Ruoqing would jump and shout like this? He decided to visit the class one day. Chapter 32 New Inspiration The research fell into a bottleneck, and An Wenhao had no good way to solve it for a while, but he didn't want to stay in the cave at all. After returning to the store and staying with Hongchou for two days, Mai finished the company's affairs and came to take over. An Wenhao completely fell into a state of idleness, thinking of the idea before, he went directly to the film and television city. Before he went, he didn't think that if Zhao Ruoqing didn't shoot in the film and television city today, he would make a trip in vain. If he is not here,alumina c799, he will come out to play. Buy tickets directly at the window, 80. An Wenhao: "It's so dark." The ticket aunt's face is black. An Wenhao, carrying a backpack, ran in like a bad boy who skipped school and came out to play. The location of Zhao Ruoqing's crew is very easy to find, just go directly to the place with the most people. In fact, their play is an urban drama, but there are a few spoof scenes in the middle that need to be filmed in the film and television city. It's not a lot of work, and it's only booked for three days. So, An Wenhao is a coincidence. However, the crew's place has long been surrounded by people, and not everyone can get in. An Wenhao can only call Zhao Ruoqing and ask her to come out to pick me up: "Aunt Zhao ~ come to the door to pick me up." The gatekeeper's eyes were full of surprise. There is no lack of handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment circle. In front of this teenager or let them shine at the moment, the most interesting thing is that this teenager and the movie queen Zhao Ruoqing are somewhat similar. Is this a relative of Zhao Ying Hou's family? Not long after An Wenhao hung up the phone, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Kamado bbq grill, Zhao Ruoqing came out and directly pinched An Wenhao's cheek and pulled it to both sides. This comes back to let him play a small supporting role,steatite c221, also belongs to the friendship to join. Well, he must admit that this is his first exposure to the big screen. So, Xue Hai held back! He turned around and found that An Wenhao had already been taken by Zhao Ruoqing and had turned to the director. global-ceramics.com 

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