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Happy Jianghu

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 06:59   Animals & Pets   Sangla Hill   82 views

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Location: Sangla Hill
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Jade Shan son is more fierce, is to point east and west; anyway, whether it is Di Yanyang or buried jade, buried incense, these people are too small Yufengtang. What a Romance of the Three Kingdoms! Li Beiyu looked so happy that he never forgot to cheer a few times to add to the fun, sometimes adding applause, whistles and so on. The next provocation made the four people in the room get angry and rush to their foreheads. At the same time, they all attacked Li Beiyu, shouting, "Shut up!" Four people are not heavy, but to the front of Li Beiyu but Qi Qi stop, can not help but all stunned. The dead Li Beiyu even laughed and said, "There is a tacit understanding. This move is really seamless." At this time, four people stopped motionless, who did not dare to move forward a little or pull back. Because, seamless can not have exposed holes, once there is an empty door, it is difficult to guarantee that others will not take the opportunity to make a move. This, can see Li Beiyu is laughing even more. Li Beiyu laughed in the room, and Du Peng laughed outside the room and came in. Wonderful, wonderful. "Du Peng said with a smile," I just don't know which of these friends has better endurance. " "Big Bird," said Li Beiyu with a smile, "I think so! Would it be more wonderful for you to get a rope and tie the four of their hair together? "That's right." Du Peng somehow had an extra ribbon in his hand. He laughed and said, "The question is, who will tie it first?" Di Yanyang sighed, "What kind of world is this? You two.." "Don't complain," said Li Beiyu,face detection android, shaking his head. "You're the first." Du Peng was really obedient and tied up. Unexpectedly, our Mr. Du's technique was very dexterous, and he tied seven knots at once. Du Peng clapped his hands and said, "What's next?" "Next-whoever makes the first sound will be tied up!" Li Beiyu smiled and began to make all kinds of faces in front of the three women. He stuck out his tongue, squeezed his shoulder hair, and twisted his lips! It's really painful to endure all the way down. Yushaner gritted her teeth and couldn't help saying, "Li Beiyu, you smelly boy, girl, I.." Du Peng's speed was very fast,facial recognization camera, and all of a sudden he had to buckle Yushan's hair on the top. At this moment, everyone moved. First, Yushaner's body sank back, with Du Peng as the wall, blocking Di Yanyang's hand on the right, and pressing the jade fan to shoot the burial earth and incense on the left. Di Yanyang threw hard on his neck and used his head to control the ribbon in Du Peng's hand as a whip to attack Yu Shan'er. At the same time, a short knife in his right palm, like a stream, went straight to bury jade and incense! Burying jade and burying incense both took a step forward, stepped on the edge of the bed, and reached Di Yanyang with four claws in midair. Di Yanyang a sneer in the mouth, the body a turn, also rise from the ground, the right hand short knife has been like a dragon out to sea, straight is to break the air roll to. Yushaner, who had learned to be clever, clapped Du Peng's wrist with a jade fan in her right palm and took the ribbon with her left hand. At this time, Di Yanyang, the burial earth, temperature check kiosk ,thermal imaging camera, and the burial incense were hitting each other in midair. As soon as they met, the three of them made their own ingenuity, and the speed changed rapidly, like three rainbows meeting in the sky.  Three people this really can be a big mess, one of them will affect the other two people. Du Peng could not help losing his voice when he saw that Yu Shaner was using a ribbon to entangle people: "This is the wonderful method of the trapped immortals of the Emei Shenni.." Yu Shaner looked at Du Peng with a lustrous look on her face. "You know the goods," she snorted. Di Yanyang suddenly sighed and said, "Friend Du, what kind of belt is this? It's long and tough." At this point, not only Di Yanyang strange, buried jade, buried incense, and even Yushaner are strange, this ribbon should use internal force to shake constantly? Du Peng laughed and said,interactive whiteboard prices, "Well, don't you want to know?" "Say!" Jade Shan son "brush" to open the jade fan, has been forced to taste. Du Peng had no idea what to do with this jade lady. "Cicada Wing Cloth.." he immediately said. 。 hsdtouch.com