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Emperor Kangxi's fourth volume of chaos rises from the Xiao Wall.

Oct 19th, 2022 at 09:27   Automobiles   Adilpur   64 views

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"All right, that's good." Said Yin Xiang, taking out a bag of medicine from his bosom. "See this?"? At midnight tonight, you give this medicine to Zheng Guiren to eat. Wen Runmu was shocked: "Ah?"? Master, this, this. You don't have to be afraid. This is not poison, this is called "Cock Crowing Five Drums Return Soul Dan". When a person eats it, he dies immediately and has no pulse at all. But when the rooster crows at dawn, he will wake up. After you let Zheng Guiren take the medicine, you immediately called her'dead of sudden illness' and sent her to Zuojiazhuang overnight. "Master, you are here." Yes Yin Xiang interrupted him: "Well, don't ask.". It's not good for you to know too much. This laundry is managed by you up and down. How much silver do you need to go to my house to get it. As for Zuojiazhuang, I'll take care of it. You don't have to worry about it. I tell you, this is a matter of accumulating Yin De and cultivating the afterlife. Do you understand? Wen Runmu hurriedly replied, "Yes, yes, the slave understands.". However The Fourteenth Master also came a few days ago, and he told him to treat Zheng Guiren well and not to make mistakes. If.. "Oh, don't worry about that. It's up to me.". At the worst, the Fourteenth Master will go to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to sue you and waste your errands. At that time, the Thirteenth Master, I will take your whole family out of slavery and let you go back to your hometown. I will give you ten hectares of land and five thousand taels of silver. You, your father, your brother. My sister-in-law and sister can't finish it all their lives! However, when I say the words to the end, you know the temper of this desperate man. If you can't do this well, or if you let the cat out of the bag, don't blame me,calcium ammonium nitrate price, the Thirteenth Master, for turning against me. Do you understand How can Wen Runmu not understand. The life and death of the whole family was in the hands of the Thirteenth Master, who said he would reward you, promote you, give you food and clothing, and make you prosperous and rich, but he said he would punish you, demote you, and kill your head, but he had no place to complain. Today, the job assigned by the Thirteenth Master has to be done with his head. But Torre said that gratitude is not verbal. Now that the master is using himself,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, can he shirk it? What's more, the words of the Thirteenth Master just now were both kind and threatening, and they could not be refuted or disobeyed. Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said, "Master, you can rest assured that slaves have a conscience.". That's bad, I'll do it! Old Shisan stopped talking, stuffed the bag of medicine into Wen Runmu's hand, turned around, and strode outside. Chapter 32 Emperor Kangxi's Private Visit to Luoma Town Ouyang Hong's Discussion on Red Xiangdai Emperor Kangxi's southern tour was quite different from the previous ones. Make it simple for him to say just one sentence, he is to relax and relieve boredom. Prince, brother made trouble for a few years, he desperately, spent a lot of effort, only to suppress the trouble down, let the prince reset, now the government is stable, he should not come out to dissipate? But it's not that simple. Kangxi has been the emperor for decades, but now he is old. When he is old, Magnesium Oxide price ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, he is not like young people, who can take up and put down, three full, one down, and do not think about anything. He has too many things on his mind.  Hey, the town is coming, Tiecheng, you have to be more careful! Liu Tiecheng returned to the old place and was filled with emotion. Not that year the emperor's southern tour, not that he happened that night, led his troops into the town of Luoma Lake,caustic calcined magnesite, and surprised the emperor, can he have today? After hearing Zhang Tingyu's words, he smiled and said:. stargrace-magnesite.com 

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