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Customized Shipping Tube

Mar 16th, 2023 at 07:11   Electronics   Battagram   45 views

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Location: Battagram
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Customized Shipping Tube The purpose of tubes to ship posters Tubes to ship posters are very useful in many industries, such as DTY tubes, POY tubes, FDY tubes, nylon tubes, spandex tubes, spandex-coated yarn tubes for chemical fiber industry, tubes for film industry, etc. The printing industry is mainly used in barrel printing, film printing, paper printing, etc., and in the leather industry for PU leather, genuine leather, and carpet leather. Tubes for food packaging Tea jars, potato chip jars, candy jars, salt jars, cake box tubes, metallurgical industry tubes, construction industry tubes instead of shell plates, tubes for exhibition industry tubes, column paper tubes for exhibitions, etc. Tubes to ship posters are more and more used in industrial production and life. High-strength paper tube: high compressive strength, stable surface gap, widely used in large-scale winding industries such as paper making and film making. Its outstanding advantage is that it is suitable for high-speed and large-capacity winding and has high cost performance. 聽聽 Small wall thickness paper tube: thin wall, flat end surface, accurate length, suitable for tape, plastic wrap, medical and other industries. Spandex paper tube: geometric size and weight, high strength, professional slotting, automatic production with imported equipment, good quality, huge production capacity, suitable for winding spandex yarn, etc. Steel head paper tube: The end is reinforced with a steel head, which can meet the requirements of turnover and recycling, improve performance and save costs. The application of industrial paper tubes is becoming more and more widespread, and its appearance is conducive to the construction of an environmentally friendly society and has played a leading role. 聽 What causes tubes to ship posters to wrinkle 1. Equipment reason If there is a problem with the paper tube cutting machine, these phenomena will appear on the cut paper tube core, including the pressure, tension, speed and other parameters of each station, the cutter of the cutting machine, the length of the paper tube cutting, etc. will also affect . If it is caused by these reasons, it cannot indicate that there is a problem with the paper tube. 聽 2. Operation reason Meticulous operation can effectively avoid such a situation. Check in advance to confirm the selection of paper tubes, the method of pasting the film, etc. to standardize the operation, the straightness of the paper tube, and the appropriate increase in the wall thickness of the paper tube. It is also something that cannot be ignored. 聽 3. Quality reasons When there is a quality problem, it is necessary to analyze the cause and check, such as the folding and extrusion of the fabric in the dyeing vat, or the rapid heating and cooling rate, the use of paper materials, glue, additives, etc. are not up to standard, and the production process is not standard, etc. The paper tube itself has quality problems. 聽Customized Shipping Tube website:http://www.zbmeihua.net/shipping-tube/