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Crossing the Second World-Hiroko

Oct 26th, 2022 at 09:57   Automobiles   Mustafābād   54 views

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Location: Mustafābād
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Little purple laughed and said, "Yes, you can't go on like this now. Otherwise, there is still a way to do this task. When you see a beautiful woman like this, you will see a beautiful woman like this. There may be more beautiful boos in the back. The higher the level of boos in the second world, the more likely it is to be a woman. You have to be prepared early!" Feng Ruxuan now hate summer and small purple, but this time to say this, damn, really disturb their beautiful scenery ah!!! "Hey, I don't want to, but you can't get out if you don't say so!" Summer Hei Hei a smile, the other side even in the United States is just a pile of data, there is no need for this virtual thing to move, moreover, these days I seem to see the beauty on the heart ah! Oneself are very chaste drop, how to become so bad? "Ha ha, it's strange, I really want to know what you rely on to defeat the little puppet, but he has a very powerful attribute!" Hua Niangzi looked at Feng Ruxuan with an idiot face! "Alas, the more beautiful things are, the more untouchable they are. I really want to have a pet like the goddess of ice and snow!" Feng Ruxuan sighed, this world, in reality, most of the people they know are dinosaurs, here seems to be super beauty! "Try and find out how to defeat it!" Summer immediately changed his tone,beam impact tubes, from the relaxed tone just now to a cold speech, he needs to calm down, he can't do this, he needs to be cold-blooded, the opposite is not a person, but data, data can create a more beautiful girl, can also use her data to create disgusting things! The moment he finished speaking in summer, he had disappeared beside Feng Ruxuan,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, and the next moment he had appeared beside Lady Hua, the energy blade. Peng- Everybody is frightened greatly, who also did not think of summer to say to hit, oneself are not ready, he attacked to go up, is he still a man? Treat beautiful women so roughly! The flower lady also never thought of the summer said to fight, do not give themselves the time to prepare, but the summer can give her the time to prepare? Are you kidding? This is a mission. Summer's head hasn't been stunned by her yet! Hua Niangzi was directly hit by the energy blade of Summer's Fairy Sword, and the damage value of more than 300,000 appeared immediately. Hua Niangzi immediately retreated with a cold face, followed by Summer, and could not let her go! Phantom Body! Whoosh a few, the figure of summer changes back and forth, at this time the flower lady just knows the seriousness of the matter, there is such a role among them! An attack plus phantom body method only took a second, when the summer returned, the flower lady had lost nearly half a million damage, cold drawn tubes ,side impact door beams, after the summer returned to Feng Ruxuan their side, it seems that there is no movement, just a second of time ah! But the summer has been saved, if it continues,Precision steel tubes, the summer that more than three hundred thousand life value is not enough for people to be trapped for a minute! "Summer!" Worried Shangguan Yaner went to run to the side of summer, graceful in the back came, the goddess of ice and snow and seraphim also came here together! cbiesautomotive.com