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Corrugated Siding Panels

Mar 16th, 2023 at 07:07   Electronics   Bahawalnagar   61 views

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Location: Bahawalnagar
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Corrugated Siding Panels Internal product code: XWL-902 Product Features Colored corrugated metal siding is a kind of energy-saving wall decoration material developed fast in recent years. The surface is metal embossed with various patterns such as brick pattern, stone pattern and wooden design. Seven layers special resin coating, more than 50 colors to choose from, and guarantee no fade for 20 years. The middle of the panel is polyurethane foam to form a heat preservation and heat elimination layer, and its interior is an independent closed structure. The aluminum foil paper pasting on the back can effectively reflect the heat source, play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture-proof. Concave-convex insertion combination, the construction is very simple. It is a new green building material with high quality, low price and excellent decoration effect. High cost performance 1. Environmental protection and durable Decorative wall insulation panels, with stable chemical and physical structure, will not decompose mildew, no radiation, environmental protection. The panel can also be flexibly disassembled and reused to install on other buildings, and the remaining construction scraps can also be recycled, which can greatly reduce the construction waste in the construction process. It is a high-quality and high-performance environmental protection product. The surface is easy to clean, durable and has a long service life. 2. Strong decorative choice In order to provide customers with more choices, this new material provides more relief patterns and color combinations, giving more space for architectural design. Luxurious and beautiful decorative effect, simple and flexible way of disassembly, so that the replacement of wall design and matching is easy. The color can also be made according to the requirements of special customers. 3. Wide range of applications Decorative wall insulation panels can be widely used in municipal construction, apartment, office hall, villa, garden attractions, old building reconstruction, guard box and many other engineering fields. The building materials are not only suitable for new brick-concrete structure, frame structure, steel structure, light house and other types of buildings, but also suitable for the decoration and energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration. Metal siding is becoming more and more wall insulation decoration building materials. 4. Convenient installation and cost saving This new material is light in weight, high in strength, and saves time and effort in handling and installation. The installation method combined with sticky anchor is simple and fast, and is not limited by weather, seasonal climate and geographical environment. It is suitable for all year round. It not only speeds up the progress of the project, but also saves the construction cost and reduces the comprehensive cost. How to keep and preserve the panel Colored Corrugated Metal Siding 1. Keep and preserve the metal siding in the aeration-drying warehouse with flat floor.If put the stock outside, moisture proof treatment is need, put the panels on pallets to prevent soaking in water and cover the moisture material on the top. 2. Better to keep the panel on the pallets with a certain distance to avoid bending. 3. When cutting the panel, iron dust is easily dropped on the surface, clean the surface after cutting because it is easy rusting. 4. Prevent scratch and crashing when installing and under safety construction. 5. Do not install in the rain and keep the inner side dry. 6. When cleaning the panel, use water and Neutral cleaner 7. Different batch of products may have shading difference, slight difference is accepted and try not using in same projects in two shade.Corrugated Siding Panels website:http://www.perfectmoc.com/metal-siding-panel/corrugated-siding-panels/