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Biography of Li Hongzhang

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. After careful consideration, Guangxu issued three orders in succession within three days from the 21st to the 23rd, approving Li's proposal, saying that naval warships must be preserved, and that "according to Li Hongzhang's telegram, the law of land and water dependence is still known in detail." He also opposed sitting and waiting for the enemy, demanding that Li quickly prepare "how to join forces to attack.". Li Hongzhang sent a telegram to Ding Ruchang in accordance with the decree: "If the navy is unable to support itself, it is better to go to sea and fight,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, that is, to win the battle, or to leave the iron warships and others to retreat to Yantai." (1) However, Ding Ruchang said: "If the navy is defeated, there is no reason for it to retreat, except that the ship is not exhausted.". Repeatedly urged the exit of the decisive battle, but the army officers and men were disappointed, and the overall situation was even more difficult to imagine. On January 24, Li Hongzhang replied, "You have a fixed view,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and you have to do it properly.". Tingzhi and Xian Shuai all hope to preserve the iron ship, and it is especially wonderful to try to preserve it. Thus it can be seen that Guangxu hoped to "preserve the iron ship" and "repeatedly urged the decisive battle of export". Although Li Hongzhang was not without approval, when Ding Ruchang insisted on "avoiding war and protecting warships", he often took an accommodating attitude, which led to the fall of Weihai and the destruction of the fleet. With the successive defeats of the war, the infighting in the ruling class of the Qing Dynasty became increasingly fierce. Determined to weaken the Houdang, the imperial party tried to force Cixi to reappoint Prince Gong Yi, who had been idle for ten years, and promoted Weng Tonghe and Li Hongzao as ministers of military aircraft. However, contrary to his wishes, because he was "old and abandoned", he did not become a helper of the imperial party, but supported the later party's peace activities. Although Weng Tonghe and Li Hongzao joined the Shufu, they were unable to change the situation of the Military Department, which was controlled by the Party. While demanding the appointment of Yi and the promotion of Weng and Li, the imperial party tried its best to "destroy" Li Hongzhang, who was relied on by the later party. They knew that if they wanted to strengthen their power and persist in the war of resistance, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, they had to be more generals and seize military power. Will not be easy,  These supervisors, with their hearsay, hoped that the court would listen to them,Amber Dropper Bottles, and their kindness to the Great Wall would harm China even more than the enemy, which was very sad. I would like to ask the court does not need Li Zhongtang, who is enough to fight against the East? 。 penghuangbottle.com

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