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Bai Lian Cheng Yao + Peerless Evil

Oct 26th, 2022 at 09:59   Automobiles   Murree   61 views

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Location: Murree
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Because this imperial kitchen has nothing valuable to guard except the ingredients. Dare to hide something here. The King of Heaven is really bold. I'm not afraid that these cooks are not careful. He got his treasure and used it as a chamber pot. Following further directions on the map, I walked through the empty lobby and through the back door into the backyard of the courtyard, where some animals were temporarily kept for slaughter. On the other hand, a row of neat fences was divided into several sections, which contained two 70-level Huodan wild boars and a 78-level striped cattle. Two snow wolves of level 72. And a brood of level 90 land. Shadow Rabbit. These are all the ingredients prepared for Cao Qin Xi. Meat is still the freshest and most delicious, which is why there are so many delicious beasts here. It's not that I'm greedy to pay attention to these beasts. The main thing is that the final landing point of the red cross on the map is within the enclosure where the beasts are kept, and look at the position. It seems to be in the place of the pigsty. I glanced over and saw that the enclosure was empty except for two pigs and their troughs. If the map the Celestial King gave me is real, And Haotian Pagoda has not been discovered, so the only possibility is that Haotian Pagoda, one of the ten ancient artifacts, was buried under the pigsty. Let me dig the pigsty? I took another look at the ground of the pigsty. The ground is covered with a thick layer of grass, already beyond recognition, can not see the original color, but also can not see what kind of grass. Cao Qinxi left early, this wild boar. Should not have time to eat the food, it seems to have been raised for some time, the grass on the east and west Tuo Tuo are all pig manure, although most of them are baked in the hot sun. All of them have become dung, only a few of them are "fresh", but even so, I will never go under the pigsty! "Qinglan, kill those two pigs and don't make a sound." I stepped back and covered my nose to give orders. Qinglan gave a cry, gathered for a while, sent out a more advanced trick, all of a sudden two seconds without resistance of the boar, and then looked at it doubtfully. I said, "Master, are you going to eat these two pigs?"? I heard that the meat of Huodan wild boar is very delicious. It is simply the best pork, but I have never eaten it, can I? Give me two pieces? “…… Eat your head! I kicked Qinglan away and walked up to the mantis beast. "Cut off the tail, please go to the pigsty to clean up the rotten grass and excrement." Sort it out and dig it down. What I want may be buried under it. Anyway, the mantis beast has no eyes, and naturally it will not be disgusted with the pig manure that hinders the appearance of the city. Clear The voice of the broken tail was strangely surprised. "Boss, do you mean I can eat all this delicious garbage?" Eat. Drop. Oh, I almost forgot, these guys have really good noses, and they're very sensitive to all that smelly organic garbage, and besides, they It seems that I haven't eaten any of the best garbage for a long time, you know, the wild environment of the flood and famine is very good, there is no garbage for them to eat. "Eat if you want, but make it quick." I said a few steps back and the pigsty again pulled away, I do not want to wait to be splashed with two Tuo pig manure on the body … … Broken tail excitedly ran to the pigsty, the other five mantis beast is not happy, side impact beams ,aluminium coated steel tube, collective protest, "boss, we are all your little brother, you can not be partial." Where, very not easy to meet such a best garbage, how can only give a person to eat? I touched the Haotian Pagoda, my eyes were shining, and I got the Haotian Pagoda, the top ten ancient artifacts, and only the demon pot was left. Success is just around the corner! The 364th Demon Refining Pot (Part 1) Confirmed, I quickly put the tower into the package, while no one noticed, slipped out of the palace, came to the transport array of Tiandu City,aluminium coated tubes, and I made an appointment with the rain of magic dust and fog. Fortunately, the transport array meets. I was in a particularly good mood all the way. I didn't expect that the trip to heaven would be so smooth, and the process of getting the Haotian Tower was even smoother. cbiesautomotive.com