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I like you, too.

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 06:44   Beauty & Well being   Dajal   111 views

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Fei Xu gently pulled her hand over, covered the back of her hand, turned it over, and the two of them clasped their fingers, "Go to dinner." Chen Xinxiu let Fei Xu hold her hand, the warm feeling in her hand made her heart at sixes and sevens, and her heart beat so fast that after a minute of adaptation, she actually enjoyed the feeling a little, sweet, like eating a mouthful of sugar. The two of them walked out of the campus hand in hand. In the evening, the school gate was very lively, with aunts handing out leaflets and men and women waiting for others. "What would you like to eat?" Fei Xu suggested? Hot pot, barbecue, string? It was the first time he proposed spicy food. He ate too spicy food and had pimples on his forehead the next day, but he was willing to change his taste for a girl. Chen Xinxiu nodded: "There is a soup pot shop near here that tastes good." The three things Fei Xu said were very tempting to Chen Xinxiu, but she washed her hair before going out, and the delicious hot pot was all in her eyes at the moment. Who would have thought that the soup pot restaurant, which has always been ranked over 18 by her,ultrasonic handheld welder, would step on the top of the hot pot list and succeed. Wash your hair at the right time. === Fei Xu sent Chen Xinxiu downstairs to the dormitory. That one I'll go up first. Fei Xu looked at her and nodded: "Yes." Chen Xinxiu lowered her eyes: "Hands." Only then did Fei Xu loosen his grip on her hand. Compared with the girl's shyness, the teenager's face was as calm as usual. With a smiling face and bright starry eyes, Chen Xinxiu looked at Fei Xu and waved goodbye, as if it would be difficult to meet him again. "I'll go up," she said reluctantly. Fei Xu suddenly bent over and approached, scaring Chen Xinxiu to step back several times. She seemed to have guessed what she was going to do next. Fei Xu curled his mouth,ultrasonic cutting machine, put his face close to her, and pointed to the corners of her mouth with his fingertips. Chen Xinxiu: "What?!" "Good night kiss." Chen Xinxiu stretched his jaw, paused, raised his finger and stroked his lips, then gently touched Fei Xu's face with his palm: "Good night." This is supposed to be an indirect kiss. Fei Xu smiled bitterly and rubbed Chen Xinxiu's hair. "Go up quickly." Chen Xinxiu touched the door handle, suddenly turned around and ran to Fei Xu's side. He put his hands around his lean waist and said softly, "Good night." Say that finish, rushed to the dormitory door, brush the Kara door, at one go, the head will not enter the stairs. As soon as she entered the bedroom, everyone greeted her at the door with smiles on their faces. Chen Xinxiu was startled by the huge situation. She was so frightened that she put her bag in the wardrobe and said weakly, "Did I go into the wrong dormitory?" Feng Xia was the first to open her mouth: "Which one?" No need to ask. I must have seen it on the balcony. Chen Xinxiu was sitting on the hanging chair. "Fei Xu, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic cutting machine," said Feng Qingyun. And just a dormitory downstairs state like two people, just say those two words, she immediately felt how the name can be so nice. Fei Xu, Chen Xinxiu. The sun, the stars, they just don't deserve it. Wang Xuejiao: "***, the speed is so fast!"! You two drive a rocket! I'm also going to give you a detailed explanation of my strategic plan when I play games in the evening. Chen Xinxiu raised her eyebrows.As soon as Wang Xuejiao heard it, she knew there was something fishy about it. She didn't ask much. She just said casually, "Hey, the sour smell of love." At this time, when Xu Xiangqing came back from the canteen supermarket,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, he bought a bag of Wangzai milk candy and gave one to each person in the dormitory. Chen Xinxiu stretched out his hand to ask Xu Xiangqing for sugar, but one was not enough. He asked for another one: "Xiangqing, I'll take another one. Fei Xu is waiting for me downstairs." 。 fycgsonic.com